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We’re proud to be the industry leader in streaming legal music to businesses in the US & Canada.

Pandora CloudCover holds all Public Performance Licenses and pays all royalties and fees for background music at your business. A subscription with CloudCover  has you protected and our business team can help should you have any questions.

You’ll even receive a window cling to show that your business supports legal music.

Royalty Payments

CloudCover uses proprietary software to track and report songs played by all our customers at every location. Depending on the licensing agreement, we file monthly, quarterly and biannual reports to the rights holders.

Artists, Musicians & Composers

CloudCover has revolutionized how copyright holders get paid for the use of their music over the Internet. Our patented software identifies every song and reports it to the rights holder to ensure they are protected and compensated for their intellectual property.

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The Facts about Music Licenses

The Internet has changed the way people access and play music. What have not changed are the copyright laws about playing music in your store or business. If your store or business is open to the public and plays music, you must have Public Performance Licenses or risk the liability of copyright infringement.


There are two kinds of licenses required to play music legally. You need both licenses to be "legal". CloudCover holds these licenses as part of our subscription service agreement with our customers. We have multiple patents on our software and its streaming features ensure successful reporting for your business.

  • Sound Exchange License is the Internet digital rights collection agency for record labels and artists. This is who controls the master recording rights with the original singers and band members and pays them royalties.
  • Public Performance License (PPL) is sometimes called a P.R.O. license and stands for Performance Rights Organization. The PPL or PRO license (same deal) represents the composers and publishers. Four "music societies" hold the copyrights for this music and collect music royalties for their rights holders: ASCAP , BMI, RE:SOUND, and SOCAN.

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