Pandora Radio for your business

A uniquely personalized listening experience fully licensed for business use

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Craft your own custom stations or explore a diverse array of genre stations, spanning every mood, style, and era. The ideal sound for your business is just a few clicks away.

Background Music for Business

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Fully Licensed Music

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Customizable Stations

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Ad-free music

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Hundreds of stations spanning every genre, mood, and era

Pandora CloudCover offers an extensive selection of hundreds of expertly curated stations spanning every genre, mood, and era. Tailored specifically for commercial settings, Pandora ensures that your business environment is enriched with the perfect soundtrack, reflecting your brand's identity and enhancing the overall customer experience. From energetic beats that invigorate retail spaces to soothing melodies that create a calm atmosphere in offices, CloudCover provides a versatile and seamless solution for businesses of all types, delivering a unique and engaging auditory experience to your patrons.


Thousands of Artist Stations, from The Beatles to Beyoncé

Explore our vast collection of over 10,000 artist stations, ranging from timeless legends like The Rolling Stones to contemporary icons like Taylor Swift. Each artist station captures the essence of the featured musician, providing a customizable journey through their discography alongside similar tracks from other artists. Whether you're a fan of classic hits or the latest chart-toppers, our extensive selection ensures that you can explore, discover, and enjoy the full spectrum of musical artistry, all in one place.


Create your own custom stations

Choose a set of songs or artists, and let Pandora's Music Genome work its magic. With over 450 musical attributes such as melody, rhythm, lyrics, and more, the Music Genome creates a uniquely personalized station tailored to your musical preferences, ensuring a one-of-a-kind listening experience that resonates with your customers.


Add variety and refine with song feedback

Easily customize your stations by seamlessly incorporating favorite songs and artists, ensuring a personalized touch that resonates with your taste. Refine your station even further by using the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on individual songs—this dynamic feedback mechanism empowers you to shape your stations precisely, fostering a curated soundtrack that aligns perfectly with your brand.

  • Add songs
    By adding a song, your station evolves to include a curated selection of similar tracks.
  • Add artists
    By adding an artist, your station broadens to include an array of songs by similar artists.
  • Thumb Up
    Click Thumbs Up on a song to bring in similar artists and songs to your station.
  • Thumb Down
    Click Thumbs Down to ban a track on a particular station.

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