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Music for Offices

Elevate workplace culture and productivity with curated background music for offices, fostering a harmonious environment that energizes and inspires.

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Background Music for Working in The Office

Background music can have a profound impact on your business.

Employee Engagement & Retention

A positive and enjoyable workplace, enhanced by curated music, contributes to a sense of belonging and can positively impact employee retention rates.

Employee Productivity & Well-being

A harmonious work environment, created through carefully selected music, contributes to increased focus, creativity, and job satisfaction among employees.

Client Impressions & Professionalism

Well-curated music enhances the client experience, making the office space more welcoming and positively influencing the impressions clients form about the business.

How music impacts the office environment

Music and messaging by CloudCover can enhance your business in so many ways.


Establish a focused work environment

Opt for instrumental or low-lyric music that subtly enhances focus and concentration among employees, ensuring tasks are undertaken with a keen, undistracted mindset within your office.


Minimize audible distractions

Employing a consistent layer of background music helps mask external noises, offering a steady, unobtrusive sound layer that minimizes disruptions and aids in maintaining a smoothly operating workplace.


Nurture a stress-free ambiance

Music has the potential to mitigate stress and promote well-being. Choosing soothing tunes that permeate your office space can create a serene environment where employees can work under minimized pressure and clients can engage in a tranquil setting.


Facilitate effective communication

Carefully chosen music can enhance the environment, fostering clear and effective communication among team members. Select volumes and genres that don’t overpower conversations but instead provide a comfortable atmosphere for dialogues and meetings within the workspace.


Promote team harmony and culture

Music that resonates with your culture and values can enhance team cohesion and promote a unified working environment. By aligning the music to the collective tastes and preferences of your team, the workspace becomes a reflection of your organizational culture.


Create a welcoming client atmosphere

Utilizing gentle, friendly, and neutral background music within reception and meeting areas ensures clients are greeted with a warm and inviting auditory ambiance, reflecting a hospitable and professional environment.

Why is Background Music in Offices So Important?

Background music in offices can be extremely beneficial for employees. One study found that background music has a positive effect on employees’ mood and satisfaction levels, leading to increased productivity and overall job satisfaction. Moreover, the study emphasized the importance of considering employees’ preferences and the type of music played when implementing background music in the workplace in order to maximize its benefits.

Further, a literature review related to music in the workplace found that background music improves cognitive performance, particularly in tasks requiring attention and memory, and positively influences emotional states, leading to reduced stress and improved mood.

Boost employee productivity, morale, and well-being in your workplace with Pandora CloudCover, providing customizable background music solutions designed to enhance focus, reduce stress, and create a positive and motivating work environment.

Overhead audio messaging

Whether it's promoting daily specials, announcing events, or conveying important information, CloudCover empowers you to schedule messages for specific times or intervals, ensuring your communications are not only relevant but also seamlessly integrated into the rhythm of your business day. This dynamic scheduling capability enhances customer engagement and creates an impactful interaction with your customers.

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Audio Messaging

Overhead audio messaging

Leverage overhead audio messaging to efficiently communicate important announcements and updates across your office or commercial workspace. Harness the power of succinct, clear audio messages to ensure your team is informed, aligned, and engaged with organizational happenings and guidelines.

  • Ensure all team members are instantly informed about crucial updates, meetings, or any unexpected changes in the work schedule.
  • Use audio messages to acknowledge and celebrate team or individual accomplishments, fostering a positive and appreciative work culture.
  • Remind staff of any upcoming team events, training sessions, or deadlines in a manner that’s unobtrusive yet effective.

Audio Messaging

Schedule music for each hour of the day

Manage the music in your workspace with ease. Our streaming service allows business owners and managers in Offices, Commercial Spaces, and Workspaces to schedule music throughout the day, creating the perfect ambiance for every hour.

  • Tailor music playlists for specific times such as office hours, meetings, breaks, and after-hours, ensuring the right ambiance throughout the day.
  • Manage and customize music schedules effortlessly across all your locations remotely, from any location.
  • Create distinct audio zones to match the music with different areas within your workspace, enhancing the overall atmosphere.


Monitor and control every location from anywhere

Simultaneously monitor and manage the environment of various office locations. Engage in a seamless, cohesive management of background music and audio messages, ensuring consistency and alignment with your brand across all workspaces.

  • Receive instant data on streaming performance and user interactions across all locations.
  • Effortlessly pull compliance reports, ensuring that all streaming adheres to set guidelines and standards.
  • Alter or adjust the background music across all locations with a mere click, ensuring real-time adaptability and consistency.


Create a unique sound for your business

Jazz Instrumental

Chill Jazz

Spa Lounge

Rejuvenating Pop / Soul / Instrumental

Office Workday Hits

Pop / Top 40 / Classics for Office / Medical / Health Care Facilities

Workout Old School

90s-2010s High Energy

80s Rock

Hard Rock / Hair Metal / Alternative

Pub Hits

Pop & Rock Hits for Bar, Brewery, & Pub Environments

Latin Workout Party

120+ BPM

Coffee Shop

Brunch Cafe Acoustic & Pop

Fresh Country

Hot and Trending / Today's Country

Today’s Hits

Top Songs of the Past 2 Years / Top 40

Family Favorites

Clean Lyrics for All Ages

Everything you need to create the perfect sound

All music licensing included

License coverage to legally stream background music in your businesses

No ads or interruptions

Your music is never interrupted by unwanted advertisements or DJs

Hundreds of curated stations

Access hundreds of stations spanning every genre, mood, and era

10,000+ Artist Stations

Each artist station captures the essence of the featured musician

Custom stations and mixes

Choose a set of songs or artists, and let Pandora's Music Genome work its magic

Clean family-friendly tracks

Business stations are lyric-checked and rated for explicit language and offensive subject matter

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Most CloudBox music players come preprogrammed, ensuring they’re ready to deliver tunes right out of the box without any manual setup.

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Stream from a mobile device by connecting to an amplifier by wire, Bluetooth, AirPlay, or Chromecast.


Log into CloudCover in your web browser to stream directly to any connected speakers.


Stream music and messaging through your existing Sonos system with our native integration.

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