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Music for Service & Hospitality

Lighten up every moment within the hospitality vertical with Pandora CloudCover’s expansive selection. Curate enchanting auditory experiences that effortlessly mingle with each nuance of your services, embracing guests with a melodic welcome.

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Good music is good business

Background music can have a profound impact on your business

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Service & Hospitality Solutions

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How music impacts the customer experience

Music and messaging by CloudCover can enhance your business in so many ways.


Increase dwell time

Enchanting melodies within your hotel or resort can subtly entice guests to extend their stay, exploring more corners and utilizing additional amenities, thus potentially elevating overall guest expenditure and satisfaction.


Improve staff morale

Uplift your team’s spirits and enhance their working experience with motivating and cheerful music that moves in rhythm with their day-to-day activities.


Mask unwanted sounds

Background music in various hospitality spaces helps to gracefully mask ambient noises, offering guests a consistently harmonious environment and ensuring their interactions and relaxations are undisturbed by external sounds.


Enhance your brand identity

Allow music to become an intrinsic element of your brand, subtly whispering your identity and values through carefully selected tunes and playlists.


Create a memorable experience

Delicate melodies and rousing tunes become the unseen threads that stitch together unforgettable memories for your guests, enhancing their experiences within your establishment.


Minimize perceived wait times

A strategically curated playlist in lobbies or queues, can alleviate the weariness of waiting, turning potential impatience into moments of pleasure and ensuring the guest experience remains positive even during waits.

Why is Background Music for Service and Hospitality So Important?

Background music is an essential factor to consider when creating a welcoming atmosphere and setting the right tone in the service and hospitality industry. Playing background music plays a significant role in shaping the overall guest experience. 

A meta-analysis of the effects of music on tourism and hospitality settings revealed the importance of playing background music. It found the following:

  • Background music contributes to a positive mood and feelings of pleasure.
  • Music likeability and familiarity have a positive influence on customer satisfaction.
  • Slower tempo and lower volume music increase the amount of time a patron stays at the venue.

Leave a positive and lasting impression on your guests with Pandora CloudCover, offering tailored background music solutions designed to improve mood, enrich the experience, and enhance overall guest satisfaction.

CloudCover Features

Automate music and message across all your locations - from one simple dashboard


Manage all of your locations from one simple dashboard

A centralized dashboard gives you an up-to-the-minute view of what music and messages are playing across every location. Remotely change stations, apply music schedules, or turn on messaging.



Overhead Audio Messaging

Speak to your customers when it matters most. Use fully integrated audio messaging to promote products and services, provide important information, welcome guests, and enhance the overall customer experience.



Music & Message Scheduling

Easily schedule the music and messages that play throughout the day. With daypart scheduling, you have full control over the music and messages that plays at any given time, ensuring an optimal experience for your customers, clients, or employees.


Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos

CloudCover can significantly elevate the guest experience in hotels, resorts, and casinos. From lobbies to dining areas, tailored playlists can create the perfect ambiance, enhancing the luxurious and entertaining atmosphere.

  • Enhance guest area atmosphere
  • Create memorable guest experiences
  • Support branding with music
  • Adapt to times and activities


Boost productivity and employee morale in office environments with CloudCover. The right background music can enhance concentration, reduce stress, and foster a creative and collaborative workspace.

  • Boost focus and productivity
  • Reduce stress, improves well-being
  • Enjoy tailored music for office areas
  • Strengthen company culture

Property Management

CloudCover's music streaming service can transform properties into vibrant living spaces. Whether it's residential buildings or commercial complexes, curated playlists contribute to a welcoming atmosphere, making tenants and visitors feel at home.

  • Improve ambiance in common areas
  • Build community among tenants
  • Simplify music management
  • Attract prospective tenants

Real Estate

In real estate, first impressions are crucial. CloudCover's music streaming service can provide an inviting and homely feel during showings and open houses, creating an emotional connection with potential buyers.

  • Welcome clients at showings
  • Encourage property envisioning
  • Customize property playlists
  • Enhance viewing experience

Financial Services

Elevate the client experience in financial service environments with CloudCover's versatile music streaming. From waiting rooms to consultation areas, the right music sets a professional yet comforting tone, aiding in making financial decisions and discussions more approachable.

  • Improve client experience with music
  • Set a professional, comforting tone
  • Offer diverse music genres
  • Enhance environment for staff and clients


Incorporating CloudCover into educational settings can facilitate a more engaging and dynamic learning environment. It can be used for various educational activities, relaxation, and to create an atmosphere conducive to learning.

  • Create engaging learning spaces
  • Soundtrack educational activities
  • Reduce student stress
  • Encourage student creativity

Senior Living

CloudCover's music streaming service can greatly enhance the living experience in senior living communities. The variety of music can cater to different preferences, stimulating memories and improving the overall mood of residents.

  • Diverse music for all tastes
  • Comfortable ambiance in communal areas
  • Useful in therapeutic activities
  • Create inviting atmosphere for residents

Everything you need to create the perfect sound

All music licensing included

License coverage to legally stream background music in your businesses

No ads or interruptions

Your music is never interrupted by unwanted advertisements or DJs

Hundreds of curated stations

Access hundreds of stations spanning every genre, mood, and era

10,000+ Artist Stations

Each artist station captures the essence of the featured musician

Custom stations and mixes

Choose a set of songs or artists, and let Pandora's Music Genome work its magic

Clean family-friendly tracks

Business stations are lyric-checked and rated for explicit language and offensive subject matter

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Most CloudBox music players come preprogrammed, ensuring they’re ready to deliver tunes right out of the box without any manual setup.

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Stream from a mobile device by connecting to an amplifier by wire, Bluetooth, AirPlay, or Chromecast.


Log into CloudCover in your web browser to stream directly to any connected speakers.


Stream music and messaging through your existing Sonos system with our native integration.

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