User management & access controls

With secure multi-user support and granular permissions, you have precise control over access and management within your business

A list of Company Stations and Company selections

With multiple levels of permissions, you can restrict access or delegate control as your business demands. You can even restrict specific locations to company-approved stations.

Background Music for Business

Icon of a medallion.

Fully Licensed Music

Icon of three twinkling stars.

Customizable Stations

Icon of an abstracted stop sign.

Ad-free music

Automated scheduling

Audio messaging

Clean lyrics

Audio zones

Central Dashboard

User Permissions

Give store managers the access they need

Take control of your business's music with the flexibility to either lock down controls for centralized management or delegate authority to store managers. This ensures that you have full control over settings, stations, and messaging according to your business strategy. Whether you choose a centralized approach or empower store managers, CloudCover provides a secure and adaptable solution that aligns with your organizational structure.


Set up centralized music and message admins

Maximize efficiency by assigning dedicated music and message administrators. This allows you to spread the workload, ensuring that individuals with specialized expertise oversee specific aspects of your audio content. Whether it's curating stations, scheduling messages, or fine-tuning settings, this division of responsibilities streamlines your workflow.

Company-approved Music

Set company-approved stations, mixes, and dayparts

Ensure brand consistency and control with the capability to restrict locations to a curated list of company-approved stations. This allows you to uphold a unified brand experience across all locations by tailoring the available stations to align with your brand image. Company-approved music ensures that each business location adheres to pre-approved selections, safeguarding brand integrity while offering locations the ability to select the music they want to play.

Frequently asked questions

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