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Music for Restaurants

Music for Bars & Breweries

Infuse your space with upbeat or mellow tunes, complementing the rich flavors of your brews and enhancing the social atmosphere. Refine the customer experience through Pandora CloudCover's premier music streaming for bars and breweries, pairing optimal music and messaging for your business.

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Background Music for Bars & Breweries

Background music can have a profound impact on your bar or brewery

Increase sales & repeat customers

Background music can encourage customers to spend more time in the restaurant or cafe, leading to increased sales.


Improve the dining experience

A positive dining experience, including the impact of background music, encourages customers to return, leading to increased repeat business and revenue.


Enhance your brand identity

Background music can help establish your brand identity and create a memorable experience for customers.

How music impacts the dining experience

Music and messaging by CloudCover can enhance your business in so many ways


Increase dwell time

In bustling bars the right background music plays a pivotal role in keeping customers engaged, encouraging them to stay longer and enjoy the atmosphere. A perfectly chosen playlist can set the mood, enticing patrons to order another round.


Improve staff morale

Energized songs and the right music can uplift the spirits of the staff at any alehouse. When staff are motivated and enjoy the atmosphere, their enthusiasm is palpable, leading to better service and a happier work environment.


Mask unwanted sounds

Background noise in breweries, from chatter to the clinking of glasses, can sometimes be overwhelming. A well-curated soundtrack can help mask these unwanted sounds, ensuring customers enjoy their time without distractions.


Enhance your brand identity

Every pub has its unique vibe, and the music is a significant part of that. Consistent, genre-appropriate background music solidifies a pub's brand identity, ensuring it's distinct and recognizable to its patrons.


Create a memorable experience

When patrons think back to their evening at a bar, it's often the atmosphere that stands out. Crafting the right music environment is essential; it sets the tone, creating memories that entice customers to return.


Minimize perceived wait times

At a crowded pub, wait times for drinks or a table can be a concern. Curated playlists and the right radio stations not only elevate the atmosphere but can also make the wait seem shorter, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Why is Background Music for Bars & Breweries So Important?

Bars and breweries are where people go to relax and unwind. Playing the right music can help set the tone for your bar and keep your customers entertained while they enjoy their drinks. According to research, playing slower-tempo music increases customer spending—so if you are experiencing a lull, especially during the afternoon or early evening, you may want to go for a more relaxing vibe. Moreover, research has shown that music can make beer taste better.

Other benefits of playing music in your brewery or bar include:

  • Entertainment
  • Create a lively atmosphere
  • Mask noise
  • Create a brand and identity for your establishment
  • Enhance mood and well-being
  • Offer a conversation topic

Elevate the atmosphere for your bar or brewery with Pandora CloudCover, the top-tier music streaming service designed to create the perfect ambiance for patrons to relax and socialize.

Overhead audio messaging

Whether it's promoting daily specials, announcing events, or conveying important information, CloudCover empowers you to schedule messages for specific times or intervals, ensuring your communications are not only relevant but also seamlessly integrated into the rhythm of your business day. This dynamic scheduling capability enhances customer engagement and creates an impactful interaction with your customers.

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Audio Messaging

Overhead audio messaging in your bar

In bars, strategic use of overhead audio messaging can create a unique atmosphere while keeping patrons informed about ongoing promotions and events. Managers and owners can seamlessly promote special drink offers, upcoming entertainment, and limited-time deals to enhance the overall bar experience.

  • Notify customers of upcoming live music, trivia nights, or themed parties.
  • Announce the start of happy hour or feature special drink discounts.
  • Share limited-time offers or new beverage launches to intrigue regulars and newcomers alike.
  • Deliver essential audio messages to staff, especially during busy times, to ensure a smooth bar operation.

Audio Messaging

Tailor Background Music for Every Hour in your brewery

Bar managers and owners curating the right music for different times of the day can set the ambiance just right, ensuring patrons enjoy every moment of their visit. The convenience of scheduling music can be a game-changer, allowing for a seamless transition from a relaxed afternoon to an energetic evening.

  • Schedule unique playlists to match the mood, from early patrons to late-night crowds.
  • Manage custom music schedules for multiple locations effortlessly.
  • Ensure the music in the dining area complements the vibes at the bar.

Streamline your music management from any location

For pub owners with multiple establishments, harnessing the power of a unified music service is invaluable. Leveraging CloudCover’s platform allows them to monitor and control the background music in various locations, ensuring consistent atmosphere and customer experiences.

  • Instantly gather feedback on streaming at different locations, adjusting to customer preferences.
  • Easily pull compliance reports over time, ensuring all pubs are adhering to licensing requirements.
  • Alter overhead music or playlists across all pubs with just a few clicks, adapting to the mood or special events


Create a unique sound for your coffee shop

Jazz Instrumental

Chill Jazz

Spa Lounge

Rejuvenating Pop / Soul / Instrumental

Office Workday Hits

Pop / Top 40 / Classics for Office / Medical / Health Care Facilities

Workout Old School

90s-2010s High Energy

80s Rock

Hard Rock / Hair Metal / Alternative

Pub Hits

Pop & Rock Hits for Bar, Brewery, & Pub Environments

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120+ BPM

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Fresh Country

Hot and Trending / Today's Country

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Top Songs of the Past 2 Years / Top 40

Family Favorites

Clean Lyrics for All Ages

Everything you need to create the perfect sound

All music licensing included

License coverage to legally stream background music in your businesses

No ads or interruptions

Your music is never interrupted by unwanted advertisements or DJs

Hundreds of curated stations

Access hundreds of stations spanning every genre, mood, and era

10,000+ Artist Stations

Each artist station captures the essence of the featured musician

Custom stations and mixes

Choose a set of songs or artists, and let Pandora's Music Genome work its magic

Clean family-friendly tracks

Business stations are lyric-checked and rated for explicit language and offensive subject matter

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Most CloudBox music players come preprogrammed, ensuring they’re ready to deliver tunes right out of the box without any manual setup.

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