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Music for Health & Beauty

Embark on an auditory journey that elevates customer experience across the health, wellness, and beauty industry. Pandora CloudCover provides an eclectic array of licensed music, allowing you to create an atmosphere that resonates with your brand and enhances client engagements, ensuring every interaction is finely tuned to perfection. Energize your space with our thoughtfully curated music, designed to promote wellness, relaxation, and vitality, fostering an inspiring ambiance for clients and practitioners alike.

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Good music is good business

Background music can have a profound impact on your business

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CloudCover Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty Solutions

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How music impacts the customer experience

Music and messaging by CloudCover can enhance your business in so many ways


Increase dwell time

Invite clients to linger longer in your wellness shop by playing soothing and invigorating background music, encouraging them to explore more products and services.


Minimize perceived wait times

Skillful selection of engaging music can delightfully distract clients, reducing the tedium of waiting and enhancing their overall perception of your brand.


Mask unwanted sounds

Use our curated playlists to seamlessly mask potentially disruptive noises, ensuring your client's experience remains uninterrupted and serene.


Improve staff morale

Uplifting and harmonious music not only boosts your clients’ moods but also positively influences staff morale and productivity.


Create a memorable experience

Craft an immersive sensory experience for your clients with a soundtrack that accentuates the ethos of your health or beauty shop.


Enhance your brand identity

Strategically selected music communicates your brand's persona, ensuring your shop’s identity is consistently melodious and memorable.

CloudCover Features

Automate music and message across all your locations - from one simple dashboard

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Gyms & Fitness Centers

Engage members with heart-pumping tracks that motivate and energize, ensuring your gym not only becomes a hub of fitness but also a dynamic, musical experience that drives performance and enjoyment.

  • Boost workout motivation
  • Improve the gym atmosphere
  • Increase member retention
  • Create energizing workout environments

Spa, Yoga & Massage

Harmonize the physical and auditory environment of your spa or yoga studio with serene, calming music that encourages deep relaxation and meditation. With CloudCover music you can make sure that every tune enhances the tranquility of your space, aligning perfectly with mindful practices and relaxation experiences for your clients.

  • Complement tranquility
  • Encourage deep relaxation
  • Enhance meditation sessions
  • Reflect purity and calmness

Medical & Dental Offices

Employ a careful selection of background music to create a calming atmosphere, minimizing patient stress and anxiety. CloudCover music allows you to curate playlists that bring tranquility and positivity to your medical or dental hospital, ensuring every note plays a role in providing a comforting patient experience.

  • Alleviate patient anxiety
  • Enhance tranquil environment
  • Minimize perception of wait times
  • Reinforce caring and professional image

Salons & Barbershops

Transform your hair salon or barbershop into a haven of style and relaxation with meticulously selected playlists. Establish a sonic brand that resonates with your stylistic expertise and promotes an enjoyable, memorable customer experience from the moment they step in until their next appointment.

  • Set a relaxing ambiance
  • Mirror stylistic expertise
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Build a stylish brand image

Beauty Shops & Cosmetic Stores

Discover how beauty shops & cosmetic stores find their perfect melody with CloudCover, ensuring each product shines in harmony with every note and melody, creating a tranquil yet vibrant shopping environment.

  • Tailored playlists
  • Enhances ambiance
  • Customer engagement
  • Boosts employee morale

Everything you need to create the perfect sound

All music licensing included

License coverage to legally stream background music in your businesses

No ads or interruptions

Your music is never interrupted unwanted advertisements or DJs

Hundreds of curated stations

Access hundreds of stations spanning every genre, mood, and era

10,000+ Artist Stations

Each artist station captures the essence of the featured musician

Custom stations and mixes

Choose a set of songs or artists, and let Pandora's Music Genome work its magic

Clean family-friendly tracks

Business stations are fully lyric-checked and rated for explicit language and offensive subject matter

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Most CloudBox music players come preprogrammed, ensuring they’re ready to deliver tunes right out of the box without any manual setup.

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Stream from a mobile device by connecting to an amplifier by wire, Bluetooth, AirPlay, or Chromecast.


Log into CloudCover in your web browser to stream directly to any connected speakers.


Stream music and messaging through your existing Sonos system with our native integration.

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