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Foster a dynamic learning environment and vibrant campus culture with tailored background music designed to enhance the academic and social experience at universities

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Good music is good business

Background music can have a profound impact on your institution

Student Satisfaction & Retention

A positive and enjoyable campus environment, influenced by background music, contributes to higher student satisfaction levels, which in turn can impact student retention rates and positive word-of-mouth referrals

Student Engagement & Academic Performance

In educational settings, carefully chosen music can create a conducive environment for learning, enhancing concentration and focus among students

Campus Atmosphere & Community Building

Background music can contribute to a vibrant and positive campus atmosphere, fostering a sense of community and enhancing the overall quality of student life.

How music impacts the education experience

Music and messaging by CloudCover can enhance your institution in so many ways


Support learning environments

Gentle and non-distracting background music can aid concentration, enhance student focus, and provide a calm ambiance that is conducive to absorbing new information.


Facilitate calm transitions

Utilize music to signal and manage transitions between activities, fostering an organized and smooth shift that minimizes disruption and maintains order within educational spaces.


Encourage positive behavior

Implementing music strategically to inspire positive behavior, reduce student stress, and create a supportive environment for both learning and social interaction.


Boost school spirit

Uplift school morale and unity by playing school anthems and popular, energizing tracks during school gatherings, games, and other collective events.


Enhance school events

From sports days to academic ceremonies, the right music selection amplifies the spirit of school events, creating memorable and uplifting experiences for students and staff alike.


Create a welcoming atmosphere

Employ soothing and warm music in reception and common areas to establish a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for students, parents, and visitors.

Overhead audio messaging

Whether it's promoting daily specials, announcing events, or conveying important information, CloudCover empowers you to schedule messages for specific times or intervals, ensuring your communications are not only relevant but also seamlessly integrated into the rhythm of your business day. This dynamic scheduling capability enhances customer engagement and creates an impactful interaction with your customers.

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Schedule music to enhance the academic day

Navigate the academic day effectively by scheduling diverse music playlists suitable for various educational periods. Use our effortless streaming services to designate tracks that cater to the unique needs and rhythms of school environments, from tranquil study periods to energizing school gatherings.

  • Stream different music tailored for study sessions, physical education, and recreational breaks.
  • Utilize our platform to manage and modify music schedules across various school zones, ensuring each area has the appropriate auditory setting.
  • Customize music zones to accommodate the diverse needs of different areas within the educational institution.


Monitor and control across all educational spaces

Ensure a consistent and supportive auditory environment across all locations within your educational institution. Our platform allows you to monitor and manage the musical atmosphere effortlessly, ensuring each space caters to the specific needs of students and staff alike.

  • Receive real-time feedback on music streaming in different locations.
  • Generate reports to monitor compliance and track usage over varied time periods.
  • Swiftly modify and adjust overhead music and announcements with a simple click, ensuring relevance and timeliness.

Audio Messaging

Utilize overhead messaging for effective communication

Employoverhead audio messaging to streamline communication across schools and universities. From notifying students and staff about upcoming events, delivering daily announcements, to fostering school spirit with motivational messages, utilize audio effectively with the versatile platform.

  • Stream relevant announcements, schedules, and informative messages through overhead audio.
  • Encourage participation and spirit by sharing uplifting messages and achievements.
  • Use audio messaging to communicate effectively during school events, emergencies, or general announcements.

Audio Messaging

Create a unique sound for your business

Jazz Instrumental

Chill Jazz

Spa Lounge

Rejuvenating Pop / Soul / Instrumental

Office Workday Hits

Pop / Top 40 / Classics for Office / Medical / Health Care Facilities

Workout Old School

90s-2010s High Energy

80s Rock

Hard Rock / Hair Metal / Alternative

Pub Hits

Pop & Rock Hits for Bar, Brewery, & Pub Environments

Latin Workout Party

120+ BPM

Coffee Shop

Brunch Cafe Acoustic & Pop

Fresh Country

Hot and Trending / Today's Country

Today’s Hits

Top Songs of the Past 2 Years / Top 40

Family Favorites

Clean Lyrics for All Ages

Everything you need to create the perfect sound

All music licensing included

License coverage to legally stream background music in your businesses

No ads or interruptions

Your music is never interrupted unwanted advertisements or DJs

Hundreds of curated stations

Access hundreds of stations spanning every genre, mood, and era

10,000+ Artist Stations

Each artist station captures the essence of the featured musician

Custom stations and mixes

Choose a set of songs or artists, and let Pandora's Music Genome work its magic

Clean family-friendly tracks

Business stations are fully lyric-checked and rated for explicit language and offensive subject matter

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Most CloudBox music players come preprogrammed, ensuring they’re ready to deliver tunes right out of the box without any manual setup.

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Stream from a mobile device by connecting to an amplifier by wire, Bluetooth, AirPlay, or Chromecast.


Log into CloudCover in your web browser to stream directly to any connected speakers.


Stream music and messaging through your existing Sonos system with our native integration.

A Sonos bluetooth device.

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