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Across industries, our customers love the music selection, the ease of use, the fantastic customer support, and affordability of Cloud Cover Music's service. Check out some of their stories!

lady viewing tablet in clothing store

Windsor Fashion Upgrades 230 Locations to Digital Sound in Under 30 Days

lady viewing tablet in clothing store

Windsor Fashion is a fast-growing women’s fashion retailer with more than 230 stores nationwide. The company upgraded to Cloud Cover Music’s digital streaming background music and messaging service for all of their locations in under 30 days.

“Our old analog service was expensive, hard to use, and poorly supported. The rollout of the new service to more than 230 stores went off without a hitch.” 

              - Julie de Lancellotti, Senior Director of Visual & Store Planning, Windsor Fashion.

women enjoying coffee in coffee shop

Coffee Company Brews Up Good Vibes With Custom Music Station

This coffee retailer is streaming a custom Cloud Cover Music station to more than 450 of their stores every day. They wanted to match their background music with their quirky, fun-loving brand. So we worked with them to build a custom music station that reflects their positive energy. After a full brand sound analysis by our professional music curation team, we hand-selected every song in their new station, which gets updated every week with new tracks. Now their employees are brewing up great coffee with a huge smile on their faces. And customers are loving it too.

closeup of amplifier

Gift Arrangement Retailer Drives Sales With The Right Music

This retailer helps people all over the world celebrate life’s most special moments by delivering special occasion gift arrangements. The company wanted to refresh their front-of-house experience for walk-in customers at their 1,300 North American retail locations. They chose Cloud Cover Music for their stores because of our huge music selection at an affordable price, the fine-grain control of the music playing at each location, and the customized regional sounds that we helped them create.

living room with open layout

Home Builder Sets The Right Mood In Their Model Homes 

This trusted national home builder strives to create a seamless and inspired homebuilding experience for home buyers. It starts with the perfect ambiance in their model homes that invites buyers to relax and engage. They chose Cloud Cover Music for more than 300 of their model homes in 10 different states due to the ease of installation and the powerful monitoring and control features of our platform. We also helped them create custom music stations that cater to different community lifestyles (e.g. young families, retirement, upwardly mobile professionals, etc.). Now their model homes are more than just enchanting physical spaces; the background music enhances the experience for everyone. 

woman using elliptical in gym

MultiFamily Community Developer Uses Music To Create Unique Experiences For Residents

This owner and investment manager of multifamily communities ranks as the largest apartment developer in Arizona. Their mission is to inspire trust and maintain the highest standard for their residents and employees. They partnered with Cloud Cover Music to provide background music across 67 of their properties. Using our zones feature, they are able to easily set up and stream tailored music playlists to their lobbies, sales floors, gyms, pools, and other common areas based on the demographics of each community. The right music now helps them create the special experience tailored to their residents.

finance meeting handshake

Regional Bank Streams Custom Music at 250 Branches

This Pacific Northwest bank has more than 250 branches serving a diverse customer base across the region. The bank prides itself in managing their customer’s money in a way that matches how they live their lives. They wanted to use the same philosophy in choosing the background music their customers would here in their branches. So we worked with them to create custom music stations and playlists that would stream regionally:

  • Universal brand sound that customers would associate with the bank
  • A unique daypart schedule that plays different music for mornings, mid-day
  • Holiday mixes 
  • Seasonal mixes

Each of these stations can be controlled centrally with an aim at pleasing different regional demographics, reduce stress for front-line workers, and reduce perceived customer wait times, especially during the COVID pandemic.

meeting in restaurant

Restaurant Supplier Delivers Great Music to Boost Sales at 150 Locations

This nationwide wholesale cash and carry foodservice supplier sells a broad range of products for independent restaurants, caterers and non-profits. We now stream to more than 150 of their stores. The company really liked Cloud Cover Music’s ability for store managers to mix and match music that closely matches their local market. And they use our messaging feature for product promotion to boost onsite sales.

man viewing phone in wireless retail store

500+ Wireless Dealers Reduce Perceived Wait Times With Cloud Cover Music

When T-Mobile merged with Sprint, dealers were required to play music in their stores as part of an overall branding initiative and to reduce perceived wait times. The dealers chose Cloud Cover Music because we could work with their existing sound systems and offered a huge music selection at very affordable prices. The rollout was so successful that we’re now streaming to more than 500 stores nationwide.

QSR employee smiling

QSR Franchise Group Creates Custom Music Station for 150 Stores

This franchise group owns and operates multiple brands in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market, including Denny’s, Taco Bells, Burger Kings, Popeye’s, and IHOP restaurants. They wanted to have a custom Cajun music station for their 150 Popeye’s franchises so we worked with them to create a station with just the right vibe that matches their brand initiative to a tee.

spa beds in room

Ski Resort Serves Up Just The Right Music 

This destination ski resort in Idaho wanted to stream different kinds of music in every part of the property but didn’t want the hassle of managing everything separately. They chose Cloud Cover Music and our zones feature to be able to play just the right kinds of music in their restaurants, lobbies, clubhouse, ski lodge, and hotels. They loved the music selection and the simple dashboard that makes it easy to control and monitor the music that is playing in every part of the resort. They even set up dayparts to schedule different kinds of music at specific times during the day.

masked grocery store employee working

High-End Grocery Chain Centrally Controls Music & Messaging 

One of the nation's premier regional supermarket chains in southern California wanted the ability to centrally manage music and messaging across all 40 of their stores. They chose Cloud Cover Music because we made it easy for headquarters staff to set up, control, and monitor the music and messages being played at all their stores in real-time. Our huge selection of family-friendly music ensures that the same songs don’t get played to death. And inserting product promotional and COVID messages is simple using our Tune application.

nice furniture in lobby

Furniture Chain Upgrades to Digital Streaming Music at 120 Stores

This retailer specializes in bringing together separate but adjacent stores for home furnishings and linens, organized by room (bedroom, dining, etc.). They carry a variety of brand names, all available at one convenient location. Tired of poor service and old analog technology, they switched to Cloud Cover’s digital streaming music service for all 120 of their stores because of our ease of use and reliability. We also worked with their team to create a custom “Ultimate Family-Friendly” music station that delivers an unmatched shopping experience that matches the company’s brand objectives.

couple sitting by windows in apartment

National Apartment Management Company Standardizes on Cloud Cover Music

One of the nation’s most successful apartment management companies, this company has managed more than 200,000 units and 1,000 communities. As part of an initiative to drive customer experience, they chose Cloud Cover Music’s family-friendly digital streaming music service for more than 200 of their properties. The service set up in minutes and the company can centrally monitor and control the music that is playing at each location. Using our zones feature, the company plays different music in the lobbies, common areas, fitness centers, and more.

retail store employee shows couple items on tablet

Retailer Spices Up 125+ Stores With Hot Music

This family-owned and operated retailer sells hand-crafted seasonings, rubs, hot sauces, recipes, and much more. Customers can even custom mix their own ingredients. They stream Cloud Cover Music to more than 125 stores across the U.S. and love the ability to enable control of the music to store managers, within a range of approved music from company headquarters. Store managers in different regions of the country can then mix the tunes that hit the hot notes with their customers.