Do you love compiling playlists of the best soundtrack music for your business? Do you understand the relationship between customer behavior and background music? It’s very important. In fact, the wrong playlist could put people off ever coming back to your store. Alternatively, the right kind of background music could set a soundtrack for your business that influences buying patterns and increases customer’s happiness.

That’s how powerful music can be when setting the tone and atmosphere of your business premises.

With business music apps, you can create a soundtrack for your brand that matches your business’ style and personality, motivates employees, and keeps customers coming back.

Soundtrack Your Brand: Understanding the Basics

When you decide, ‘I must create an excellent soundtrack for my brand,’ you probably think it’s an easy process. However, you must consider several factors: 

Your Brand

Think of the words you would use to describe your brand and how those words could translate into music. Is your brand lively and fun? If so, make sure the music that you play doesn’t contradict this image. Perhaps you’re more laid back, sophisticated, and mellow? Again, make sure your soundtrack reflects your overall branding.

Your Audience

When you position your brand, you should always keep your target audience in mind. Music that complements your brand should be music that your customers want to hear. Some businesses conduct online surveys to provide a base for their playlists. As you work to soundtrack your brand, always think of your customers’ tastes.

Time of Day

If you are open morning, noon, and night, make sure that your playlist reflects the time of day. Never assume that early morning and evening playlists should be similar. Make several soundtrack adjustments so that each period is enhanced by appropriate background music. Also, don’t forget to take special occasions and holidays into consideration.

Keep It Fresh

Have you ever been in a store and thought, ‘This song seems to be playing every time I visit ?’ We’ve all been there, waiting in line at a cashier, hoping that a song will stop playing.

Keeping your playlists varied is crucial for providing great experiences for your employees and customers. Music has proven to have very positive effects in the workplace. However, hearing the same songs, day-in and day-out, can be very frustrating for staff and regular customers.

Soundtrack Your Brand: Examples

Some stores do an excellent job of creating soundtrack music that compliments their business.

Take Hollister, for example:

Hollister has a primary target market of male and female teens aged 14-18.  As a result, they have to be seen as cool, current, and relevant.

They create a soundtrack using Spotify for business and even have their own Spotify playlist, which you can check out if you want to compile a soundtrack for your brand using Spotify playlists for guidance.

Then there’s KFC:

Last year, the fast-food powerhouse launched a Spotify playlist called ‘Bucket Bangers.’ The collection featured hip hop tracks from Run DMC, Beastie Boys, and Kendrick Lamar. They cleverly hand-picked some of the tracks because they mention KFC in the lyrics. This quirky playlist compliments the zany branding that KFC has become famous for in recent years.

Utilizing Soundtracks for Your Business

Can you name a movie just by hearing a song from the soundtrack? Make no mistake, the soundtrack business is a lucrative industry, with no songs making their way onto the big screen by mistake.

Soundtracks can evoke feelings from deep within, lifting our mood and giving us energy in seconds.

That’s why we recommend harnessing the power of music in your business.  It can be easy using our bespoke software, equipment, and app.

Music can subconsciously affect your staff and customers’ energy levels, mood, memory recall, and behavior. It can heighten experiences, spaces, and connections between people. The more scientists discover about our relationship with music, the more evidence proves that it should be a pivotal part of your branding.

There is a lot of research linking music to productivity. Yet, music is still one of the most underappreciated tools for business success.

Choose Cloud Cover Music 

Think of Cloud Cover Music as a much better version of Spotify B2B due to our unique stations, equipment, and pricing options.

It’s time to start creating a soundtrack for your brand that motivates employees, brings joy to customers, and makes people want to visit your store again and again. If you have multiple stores, our technology gives you control of a centralized playlist, making sure that your brand has consistency, no matter your premises’ physical location. 

Try our business music subscription services today. We work with PROs and music publishers to get the correct type of license for streaming music. As a result, you can ensure your business can create the soundtrack it needs while not breaking any copyright laws.