Understanding Licensing Requirements for Music at Work

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Playing music in the office is a great way to boost the mood and morale of your employees, and put customers in the frame of mind to buy, buy, buy. But you can’t just pop in a hot mix of tunes and crank up the volume.

Playing music at your place of business means paying the artist and/or record company responsible for the songs you love.

Do I have to pay royalties to play music at work?

Yes. These payments - known as “royalties” in the entertainment industry - are the life’s blood of the music business.  Royalties fund the record companies that locate and promote top artists and put food on the tables of musicians around the world.

So the answer to the question is YES, you need a license to play music at your place of business in order to ensure that everything is nice and legal.

And in order to pay for the licensed music you play, you’re going to have to “go PRO".

What are Performing Rights Organizations?

Performing Rights Organizations (PRO) are companies that collect the fees and royalties on behalf of the music creators. These are the folks who make sure the chain from listener-to-artist is properly maintained by royalties that move up said chain. There are numerous PROs around the globe of various size and influence - each one representing some --  but not all -- of the world’s music artists.

But all you want to do is play music in your office...how are you supposed to know which PRO is supposed to get paid, or how much to pay them? Or where to even send the check? It all sounds terribly confusing.

That’s where a service like Cloud Cover Music comes in...and saves the day.

How can I legally stream office music?

Cloud Cover Music provides several invaluable services to its customers (an affordable scalable music system, in-store promotional messaging, etc.) but perhaps none are as valuable as handling ALL the red tape and potential pitfalls associated with obtaining rights and paying royalties on the music for business you play.

That’s right: CCM customers can rest easy in the knowledge that all licenses and other fees are included in their monthly plan cost and that when they play a song at work, everyone who is supposed to get paid is….getting paid.

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