Ways Music for the Office Can Make Employees More Productive

Silence is golden. Many companies around the world subscribe to this age-old adage, believing that the most productive employees are the ones who work in a noise-free environment throughout the day - free from distractions like tapping one’s toes or humming quietly along to the beat of a favorite song.

But there’s a growing movement, sparked by recent scientific research by Mindlab International, that playing music for the office or warehouse has a number of very positive benefits - and that working with a business music provider is an excellent way to ensure that employees are happier and healthier (and do it all in a way that is incredibly cost-effective).

Music for Working in Office...Business Music is Not Just for Retail Anymore

Many people who are familiar with business music solutions believe that the lion’s share of their work is done in the world of retail - helping stores and restaurants provide the proper ambiance needed to increase sales and build brand loyalty.

But a growing demand for their services is now coming from the traditional office or warehouse sector - where employers are learning that providing music for working in office can help improve employee health and even make individuals more productive and accurate in their execution.

Music and Productivity

There is debate that music can make you either more or less productive at work. The general consensus is that the right music can help to increase workplace productivity.

Music increases your dopamine levels in the brain, which can make your prefrontal cortex more effective. This part of your brain is responsible for the following:

  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Impulse control
  • Focus and attention

This rise in dopamine levels is related to finding the music pleasurable, however. Because of this, it is important to use music that your employees enjoy but is not distracting. The type of music that will be ideal depends on your workplace demographics, such as their average age.

The type of work being performed can also play a role in music selection for productivity.

When attempting to concentrate, it is generally better to play music that is not a distraction. Relaxing music with few words can be a good choice. More upbeat music can be optimal when attempting to combat fatigue and get things done like at the end of the day.

Music makes people feel good, and happy employees are more likely to be focused and productive. They’re also more apt to have positive emotions about being at and returning to work each day.

Ultimately, it is beneficial to play music that promotes the overall business flow and is not harsh and distracting.

Using Music to Enhance Employee Performance and Promote Healthier Living

So how, exactly, does music make people healthier and enjoy greater productivity? Recent studies at some of the world’s leading research facilities have uncovered several reasons why there’s a connection between music, productivity, and well-being, including the following fascinating facts:

1. Music Helps Keep Employees Focused.  

The positive effects of music in the office are practically endless. A recent study actually uncovered one of the more interesting aspects of “better living through music” - as 88% of people surveyed who listened to music at work performed better - and more accurately - on their assignments than those who did not have music as part of their workday.

2. Music Improves Memory.

It’s a scientific fact that music stimulates the hippocampus region of the brain - the very same area that controls memory and recall. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that music lovers are so good at remembering their favorite lyrics.

3. Music Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety.

If “music soothed the savage beast” as the saying goes, certainly it could help Fred from Accounting lower his blood pressure during tax season.  Classical music, for example, is one of the best ways to help employees unwind from the challenges they face outside the office.

4. Music Can Increase Motivation.

When employees have exciting music to listen to in their workspace they become more excited about coming to the office - a phenomenon that leads to more pride in one’s work, and greater motivation to do the best job possible.

5. Music Can Promote Camaraderie.

It sounds cliche, but music in the workplace really can bring people together. By playing music in a common area, you are providing employees with a shared experience - one they can use as a foundation for friendships, better team building and more.

6. Music Improves Employee Performance.

A recent study, first reported on CBS News, found that 90% of all workers surveyed saw their work performance improve when listening to music during office hours.

7. Music Makes People Happier at Work.

The same survey also found that 61% of those individuals who listened to music at the workplace reported being happier, not just at work, but with life in general.

Check out this infographic about the Impact of Music on Workplace Productivity!

From our friend Randy Rogers over at Musician Byte.

Using Music as a Productivity Tool Infographic

How to Provide the Best Music for the Office

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