Best JBL Speakers for Commercial & Business Use

There are two divisions within JBL: JBL Consumer, which produces personal and home sound systems to fill your house, apartment, or bedroom without annoying your neighbors, and JBL Professional, which contracts with professional installation companies to design sound systems for a range of needs.

The type of speaker you need depends on the type of business you're running and the music you plan to share. We'll outline ideas for the following:

  • Cinemas
  • Performing artists, including those who tour or play in your business
  • Recording studios
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JBL manufactures systems for film projections in a range of venues, with world-class electronics, drivers, engineering, and patented designs to ensure the audience is immersed in the experience. You have plenty of options.

Premium Large Format

Recommended products in this line include the 5732 Three-Way High Power ScreenArray Loudspeakers; CPi2000 Cinema Processor, Crown DCi 2|300N Two-Channel 300-Watt Power Amplifier with Blu Link; and the DCi 2|2400N Two-Channel 2400-Watt power amplifier, 70V/100V.

Large & Medium Format

Individual, one-screen theaters and multiplexes both have large and medium-sized rooms that JBL can support with products, including the 4732 and 3732 Three-Way Bi-amplified or Tri-amplified ScreenArray Loudspeaker Systems, the CPi2000 Cinema Processor, the Crown DSi 8Mn Projection Booth Monitor, the C222HP Two-Way High-Performance ScreenArray Cinema Loudspeaker, or the Crown DSi 2000 Two-Channel, 800-Watt Power Amplifier.

Small Format & VIP Rooms

Small theater spaces need the same high-quality sound and projection systems as larger movie theaters, and JBL has manufactured its products to suit these spaces. Some of the products that might work for small theaters and VIP rooms include C222 Two-Way ScreenArray Cinema Loudspeaker, the Crown DSi 6000 Two-Channel 2100-Watt Power Amplifier, the Crown DSi 8Mn Projection Booth Monitor, the 708i 8-inch Master Reference Monitor, the 4642A Dual 460 mm (18-inch) Subwoofer System, and the Crown DCi 8|300N 8-Channel 300-Watt Power Amplifier with Blu Link, 70V/100V.

Choosing Music

Live Portable Solutions

Performing artists at all levels need reliable sound systems that can suit any venue they play in. For many performers, these need to be lightweight and easy to pack to quickly fit into a vehicle. Larger bands may benefit from more speakers and microphones.

You can add to your JBL speakers kit as you go, thanks to the well-designed systems. Solutions are flexible for many arenas, including busy coffee shops, large nightclubs, or cavernous places of worship. The company has designed these solutions based on the most professional-grade technology, scaled down for an intimate performance.

Recommended products in this group include JBL EON ONE Compact, JBL EON712, and JBL EON718S.

Tour Sound

Regardless of your band’s size, you need to know you can rely on your sound equipment when you go on tour. Performance venues also need to be sure they can depend on a sound system setup with intuitive controls, unparalleled projection quality, and clarity regardless of the size of the space.

The following JBL series are recommended for touring:

  • VTX V Series, F Series, and M Series
  • VRX 900 Series
  • VerTec Series

No matter what system you choose, you'll also need a range of compatible subwoofers, crown amplifiers, and software. Working with a JBL-contracted commercial installer means you get recommendations for the right setup for your space, combining these pieces of equipment to create a resonant, emotional experience for your audience.

Recording & Broadcast

More individuals are setting up professional home recording studios in offices or basement spaces. JBL is increasingly offering more than big studio monitors and equipment. They now offer small, home studio options for the most professional sound recording.

Some of the most recommended pieces include the following:

  • M2 Master Reference Monitor
  • 3 Series Studio Monitors with M2 Technology
  • One Series for home studios
  • LSR6300 Series of powered and passive studio monitors

JBL designs and manufactures numerous accessories and additional pieces that work with each setup. While their focus is on performance, you can get a JBL Professional sound system for your business or commercial venue, especially if you invite performing artists like musicians, slam poets, or storytellers into your space to entertain your patrons.

Can You Use JBL Speakers From Your Home?

Like streaming music services, there is a legal difference between JBL sound systems for use in your home and JBL sound systems for use in your business, which explains why JBL keeps these two sections of their organization separate.

The research and development focus is different for these two spaces. Legally, you cannot use a private home sound system for a commercial or business venture.

Importantly, as a JBL customer, you benefit from understanding this legal distinction. Not only does this prevent certain fines or service terminations, but you get better quality sound when you invest in business and commercial JBL speakers and sound systems in the first place.

These systems are designed for your specific space. A home system will not project sound well, so your customers will not get the same experience as they will from a professional sound system.

Businesses That Will Benefit From JBL Commercial Speakers

People who own cinemas and recording companies can clearly benefit from JBL speakers. But who else might need them?

Plenty of businesses host musicians, poetry slams, and educational events. That could be you if you own any of the following:

  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurant
  • Concert hall
  • Hotel
  • Event center

You could rely on your entertainment to bring speakers, but you'll need to trust their talent and expertise. Chances are, you'll be disappointed from time to time. Supply your own speakers, and you'll control the experience.


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