Best Bose Speakers for Commercial & Business Use

The Bose Corporation was founded by an engineer from MIT who dedicated the company’s mission to developing better speakers for all kinds of spaces, events, and individuals. Bose designs and manufactures speakers for homes, theaters, the military, churches and other places of worship, and even NASA.

While the company is best known for their noise-canceling headphones, which dominated the market when open-plan office spaces began to trend, Bose has a wide range of products that manage noise and vibrations in various settings, including high-quality commercial sound systems.

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Bose: Scientifically Backed Speakers for All Spaces, Including Commercial & Business Use

Although the company’s products are some of the more expensive options, you are paying for an extensive amount of research and development behind these products.

The company’s founder, Dr. Amar Bose, designed and tested new types of sound systems while he was a doctoral student. He realized that at the time, the average commercial sound system was not designed with the specific room in mind, which led to great variance in sound quality.

The company still funds a huge amount of scientific research, including projects that are not overtly associated with sound. This has made them one of the most trusted brands in the world, as their quality is consistently reliable and continually improving.

The family of Bose professional and commercial products comes in packages of speakers, amplifiers, processors, and any needed accessories. They are installed by licensed companies with professional hardware installation experience. Bose contracts with companies that can set up sound systems in specific types of businesses, from hotel lobbies to office breakrooms to concert halls.

Recommended Commercial & Business Bose Setups

Bose Work: These are designed for conference rooms, huddle spaces, breakrooms, and as desktop and mobile conferencing solutions. These Bose systems improve how well a group of people can hear and see, which helps everyone communicate better and find solutions — which is the whole point of having a meeting in the first place. Some of the products from this line include:

  • Bose ControlSpace Designer software
  • EdgeMax loudspeakers
  • ControlSpace EX processors

Hospitality: Hotels, their bars and restaurants, conference spaces, large dining and event halls, and even outdoor event spaces are all associated with the hospitality industry, and all need their own unique setups.

Not only does Bose promise to provide an exceptional audio experience for guests, but each setup is easy for your staff to understand. They will not spend their time away from customers, trying to troubleshoot equipment. Newer automated and smart systems mean your sound system is tailored to your needs while remaining intuitive to use.

Some of the best products in this line include:

  • ControlSpace ESP-880A sound processor
  • PowerMatch PM8500 / PM8500N
  • RoomMatch Utility RMU208 loudspeaker
  • MB12 modular bass loudspeaker
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Retail: Like hospitality, retail establishments have unique needs for sound based on the type of space involved. Racks of clothes, different sized changing rooms, different wall and pillar configurations, different draperies, and sign locations — all of these can influence how sound moves and reflects around a space. Bose offers systems that not only ensure you get even sound quality throughout your space; they offer a range of solutions based on the size of your space, your budget, and other needs.

Some of the products recommended for retail spaces include:

  • PowerMatch PM8500 / PM8500N
  • FreeSpace DS 16F loudspeaker
  • EdgeMax EM180 loudspeaker

Places of worship: Churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other, similar religious or spiritual spaces have been designed, for thousands of years, to manage sound in different ways. From helping the worship leader’s voice project, to enhancing the beautiful notes from the choir or instrumentalists, to mitigating annoying vibrations from a large crowd of chatting people, places of worship make good use of space in ways that Bose understands and enhances.

Products that Bose recommends to go with places of worship include:

  • S1 Pro System
  • Panaray MSA12X Steerable Array loudspeaker
  • F1 Model 812 Flexible Array loudspeaker
  • ShowMatch SM10 DeltaQ Array loudspeaker

Education: School campuses, from elementary to college, have a range of needs for audio equipment. Announcements, class presentations, theaters, sports fields, and large lecture halls all need clear sound quality, which Bose can provide.

Thanks to the Bose company’s relationship with MIT, many educational products are modeled there first, meaning important scientific research and feedback go into each system for each type of student.

Some of the recommended products include:

  • PowerMatch PM8500 / PM8500N
  • RoomMatch Symmetrical 5 Degree vertical modules
  • RoomMatch RMS215 subwoofer

There are many other options for professional Bose setups, depending on your business, commercial venture, nonprofit needs, and even touring or traveling event needs. Professional installers who license Bose products can help you find the right setup for your space.

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Bose Products: Speakers for Home Use Are No Match for Commercial & Business Sound Systems

Typically, products designed for personal or home use cannot legally be used in a professional environment like a retail establishment, restaurant, sports arena, or office lobby. If you have Bose personal Bluetooth speakers, for example, you should not set these up in the breakroom at your office, the counter of your store, or other professional location, as it violates the Bose terms of service.

You miss the high quality that Bose speakers provide when an inadequate setup is used for your business. When you contract with a professional Bose installer, they can measure your space, analyze how different wall materials and layouts impact sound reflection, and set up the right collection of Bose products for you. A personal Bluetooth speaker might play music loud enough, but it will project the best quality sound throughout your establishment. You will also want to ensure that the music you're playing is legally licensed with the right copyright holders. With Cloud Cover, you will get just that - no more fees, contracts, or dealing with copyright holders - just playing the music that you want.


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