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General Questions

We service the full range of businesses from small rural locations to large national chains. In many cases the only way to know is to try. This is why we have a free 14-day trial and our US-based live support team is always there to help.
After you sign up, you will be in a free trial period for 14 days. If you no longer wish to use Cloud Cover Music, you can cancel at any time through your account. You can re-activate the account online if you wish to come back.
We have lots of customers that use our service seasonally. You can cancel and then log back in and re-activate your account automatically. You’ll have access to the music and stations you created to pick up right where you left off.
No. Our service is month-to-month. If you’re not satisfied you may cancel at any time. We do offer advance payment discounts.
Yes. Your company password and payment information are encrypted and secure. Our payment vendor is PCI compliant. Cloud Cover staff doesn’t have access to any customer passwords or billing information.
No. Enterprise Management Tools provide additional options for controlling locations. You can still have an admin login with multiple locations under that account and not utilize Enterprise.

Music & Messages

In regards to explicit lyrics, we run all lyrics through software filters to make sure none of the FCC words that are prohibited from airplay are in our music. Cloud Cover has absolutely NO explicit lyrics in any of our stations. Outside of those words, there are others that can be interpreted as “suggestive”. To handle this we have a single station where our team reads every single lyric to guarantee there is nothing negative, depressive, sexual or suggestive and we call this our Family Friendly station.
Yes. We have a permanent song removal feature that allows you to remove any songs that have recently streamed so that they are never played at your location again.
Our Music Curation team is more than happy to make and take suggestions. However, our system is self-serve software, so they will not build your mix stations for you.
You cannot choose specific artists or songs in our system. You can mix stations, remove songs and schedule changes by 15-minute increments. We follow all streaming licensing regulations to ensure your business is fully covered.
Yes. For more details on Enterprise level features, please visit our Enterprise page.
Yes! Get professional message production from our in-house LA sound studio. Find out more here.
Changes are live and can be made at any time. Store an unlimited number of messages in your Library. Move messages from your Library into combinations. Control timing for how often the messages will play. Assign the combinations to play at your locations. Some may be unique to one location while others may play at multiple sites. Find out more here.


Copyright laws require that if you play music in your business, you MUST have a public performance license (PPL). Playing music in stores, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food locations, offices and warehouses or “public spaces” require a PPL. Without a license you can be cited and fined.
Cloud Cover Music pays all public performance licensing fees in the US and Canada on your behalf. However, we do not cover live performances, DJs, karaoke or fitness classes that charge a separate admission fee (like spinning or aerobics).
Yes. We pay all licensing fees (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN and Re:Sound) for our subscribers. Royalties to artists, labels and master recordings (sync rights) are paid through Sound Exchange for streaming music over the Internet. If you have an active CCM subscription and are approached by a licensing organization, we will protect you from legal action.


Wired Speakers: You need an amplifier or receiver that will connect to your player with a small 3.5mm to RCA cable.
Bluetooth Speakers: Pair your player with your speakers.

Player options include: a computer browser, an iOS/Android device with our App installed, or our Cloud Box. The Cloud Box is a dedicated streaming device that plugs into an amplifier or receiver.
For more information on your device options, please visit our devices page.
We do not sell or advise about stereo equipment since each location is unique. However, most locations that are between 1,000 - 2,000 square feet use one amplifier with 4 speakers. We recommend that you find a certified audio equipment installer at and use their AV Services directory to contact nearby installers directly.
Requirements depend on which device you will be using to get the stream into your audio system, please visit our devices page.

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