Jumpstart Your Day with Motivational Soundtracks

With all the demands modern life makes on your time and energy, there may be days that you—and your team—are running on fumes. A great way to top off the tank is an inspiring soundtrack with songs that motivate, stimulate, and otherwise fuel the spirit for work, sports, and even creative projects.

Motivational soundtracks can include anything from a playlist of adrenaline-pumping pop songs for an extra productivity boost at the office or gym to inspirational movie music that gets your artistic or innovative engines firing on all cylinders.

Read on for our definitive guide outlining how to use inspiring soundtracks to jumpstart your day!  

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What is Motivational Music?

Motivational music differs in content to fit the situation and audience but shares a positive, uplifting vibe that recharges and refreshes both mind and body.  It leaves the listener enthusiastic and focused on the task at hand.

Music is a powerful tool to elevate mindset and mood, relieving stress and mental fatigue to increase concentration and spark activity. Whether you need to complete an important project at work or meet a training goal a the gym, here are the most common types of inspirational soundtracks to charge your battery:

Orchestral Movie Soundtracks

Without the distraction of lyrics, inspirational movie music relies on mood-enhancing melodies to boost energy and maintain a steady rhythm throughout the day.

Pop Movie Soundtracks

From “Don’t Stop Believing” to “You’re Never Going to Get Me Down,” the motivational messages from pop songs featured in some of the most famous films help push through a slump or shake off a setback.

Classical Movie Soundtracks

Not all classical music is glum! Cheery pieces like Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro” or a rousing rendition of the “1812 Overture” by Tchaikovsky have been included in a number of soundtracks and are perfect for an extra boost.

Inspiring Sports Music

Rhythmic music aids motor coordination. It also increases endurance at the gym or on the track by providing a steady, energetic beat to drive your pace and maximize your movements. Some of the most famous sports films feature great soundtracks to get you moving.

Benefits of Motivational Soundtracks

Studies have repeatedly shown that music can influence the brain and nervous system, and uplifting soundtracks are highly effective in stimulating mood and jumpstarting activity.

Music acts as a gentle distraction, freeing our minds from the daily stress and fatigue that often leaves us feeling scattered and exhausted. The resulting peace of mind dramatically enhances our power of concentration and focus. As a result, you’ll have the mental energy to take action on immediate tasks and long-term goals.

The gentle musical distraction provided by inspiring soundtracks also decreases the mental fatigue of routine tasks that aid productivity in the short run but lead to a creative or physical rut over time. When we perform similar, repetitive tasks day in and day out, our brain rebels against boredom by “checking out,” leaving us uninspired and disengaged. Motivational soundtracks bring a fresh musical element to the day, waking up our neurons and encouraging our minds to get back in the game.

Finally, the connection between our auditory neurons and motor neurons makes inspirational soundtracks a powerful stimulation for physical activity. And since physical activity and mental activity are closely linked (how many times have you taken a walk to clear your head?) that push to put in a few laps around the track or in the pool can also provide the spark you need to get a work or creative project off the ground.

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The Best Motivational Soundtracks

From soaring orchestral pieces to lighthearted pop hits, motivational soundtracks will help you shake things up a bit at the office, gym, or studio. Here are the ten best inspirational soundtracks to put some pep in your step:

  1. Inception
    The composer Hans Zimmer is the force behind some of the most famous movie soundtracks over the past three decades, and his work for Inception is considered a masterpiece. If you prefer orchestral arrangements that inspire without distracting lyrics, “Dream is Collapsing“ and “Dream Within a Dream” will spark your creative energy, while the crescendoing rhythm and melody of “Time” will fill you with energy before bringing you gently back down in its final seconds.
  2. Gladiator
    “Are you not entertained?” is one of the most iconic movie quotes and captures all the passion and intensity of this gripping tale of an ancient Roman soldier who fights his way out of slavery. The award-winning soundtrack by Hans Zimmer was an essential element in this plot-driven tale and will keep you moving forward as well.  Pop on “Now We Are Free” to start your day off right.
  3. Lord of the Rings
    This film adaption of the beloved fantasy book swept most award shows the year it was released, not least for its spectacular score by Howard Shore that snatched three Oscars, two Golden Globes, and three Grammys. Intricate and spanning various musical styles, this inspiring soundtrack is as emotionally stirring as Frodo Baggins’ journey. Highlights include “The Fellowship,” “The Ring Goes South,” and “Foundation of Stone.”
  4. Avatar
    Groundbreaking for its special effects when it was released, this sci-fi flick was also scored by Howard Shore. The soundtrack features impressive, monumental tracks that suit the grandeur of this ambitious film. Three that stand out for their upbeat melodies are “Becoming one of The People/Becoming one with Neytiri,” “Quaritch,” and “War.”
  5. The Big Chill
    If vintage soul and R&B hits from the 1960s never fail to bring a smile to your face, and a boost to your mood, the collection of hits that formed the score to this 1983 film about a group of reunited baby-boomer friends will hit the spot. Fast forward straight to toe-tappers like “Heard it Through the Grapevine,” “Good Lovin’,” and “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” by Motown hard hitters like Marvin Gaye and The Temptations.
  6. Forrest Gump
    For a trip through American pop from Elvis Presley to Fleetwood Mac, this expansive score is unbeatable. Many of the songs featured made musical history, but you’ll want to linger on hits like Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” and “Against the Wind” by Bob Seger for a real motivational kick.  
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy
    This score is featured in the film as a mixtape entitled “Awesome Mix Vol. 1,” and the collection lives up to its name. An eclectic mix of energizing pop and rock classics from the 1960s and 1970s like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” this is one of the best motivational soundtracks to get you out of your rut and back on track for work or play.
  8. Saturday Night Fever
    You don’t need to be a disco fan to recognize the irresistible beat of many of these iconic Bee Gees hits. A single listen to “Stayin’ Alive” is enough to inject that driving four-on-the-floor energy into your day.
  9. Amadeus
    Classic music fans can opt for the verve of Mozart with this score of the 1984 film based on the fiery composer’s life. Just a few minutes of his landmark Symphony No. 25 (composed when he was only 17 years old) will have you energized and focused.
  10. The Age of Innocence
    If Mozart is a little too intense, the classical soundtrack to this period drama is a more soothing choice. Cheerful Strauss waltzes like “The Blue Danube” and “The Emperor’s Waltz” lift the spirits and calm the nerves so you can refresh and recharge.
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Inspiring Sports Music

Most inspirational soundtracks will rev you up for the gym, an intense workout, or cardio session. But, the best will feature driving beats that benefit motor coordination and boost your endurance. Here are five of the best inspirational soundtracks to get moving.

  1. Rocky
    You don’t have to have seen the 1976 movie to recognize highlights from its legendary soundtrack by Bill Conti. Once those horns start blaring out the first notes to “Gonna Fly Now,” you’ll be ready to rumble.
  2. Chariots of Fire
    Is there any slo-mo sports blooper that isn’t set to Vangelis’ masterpiece? Despite its comedic afterlife, this score remains one of the most emotionally charged sports soundtracks in film history, and the “Chariots of Fire” theme an iconic melody.
  3. Rudy
    You may recognize many of the songs on this soundtrack from sports montages, even if you haven’t seen the film itself. Power-sports masterpieces like “Tryouts” and “Take Us Out” will put a fire in your belly for a workout or big game.
  4. The Natural
    Randy Newman created the score for this ode to baseball, and it remains one of the most inspirational soundtracks for sports almost three decades later. The movie’s theme is played at games still today; skip to 2:18 for the inspirational brass “home run call.”
  5. Remember the Titans
    This high-octane rock-orchestral score is one of the most uplifting soundtracks in sports movies, so much so that President Barack Obama used this music for his 2008 presidential election victory speech. Bring that same spirit of triumph to your workout with this soundtrack.

Why Use Cloud Cover Music

Whether you’re trying to inspire an entire office, keep a creative team focused, or help your clients get the most out of their workout, Cloud Cover Music’s carefully curated motivational soundtracks are perfect for boosting moods, aiding concentration, and enhancing performance. Contact us for more information about licensed business music services and assistance in choosing the best inspirational soundtracks for your business or clientele.


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