Lobby Rock – Inside the Station

When you walk into any lobby, the atmosphere should feel comfortable, inviting and appropriate for the branding of the business. Music is a huge part of implementing this type of ambiance.

To help create this welcoming setting, Cloud Cover has curated three unique Lobby music stations, which are currently available to all subscribers.

Let’s take a look at what the Lobby Rock station consists of:

Who: Music is reminiscent of artists like Jack Johnson, The Strokes, Matt Costa, Ben Folds, Arctic Monkeys, Iron & Wine, Vampire Weekend and other indie-rock artists.

What: All tracks are guitar-driven with very limited vocals and a consistent drum backbeat. This station draws influences from a variety of genres including acoustic rock, indie-pop, modern folk and a hint of alternative rock. The music is fun, moderately paced, and uplifting in nature.

Where: We’d highly recommend playing Lobby Rock in lobbies, bars, malls, trade shows, meetings and events.

When: This type of lyric-less music provides a suitable amount of energy for all hours of the day and night.

Why: Studies have shown that 75% of hotel guests prefer to hear music in the lobbies, bars, restaurants and public spaces and 78% of these UK consumers claim that music makes them feel more relaxed. Also, 91% of managers strongly agreed that playing music makes customers and staff happier.

If you’d like to try out this station for your business and you’re not already a Cloud Cover subscriber, sign up for a free trial today!


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