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Fully Licensed
We cover your licensing fees with ASCAP, BMI, GMR, and SOCAN
Schedule Music
Use Dayparting to schedule music by time and day of the week
Customize Mixes
Combine any of our stations together to make your own mixes
Simple Song Removal
Don’t like a song? Want to brand your music? Easily remove songs

All plans include Public Performance Licenses for:

Increase Sales and Employee Productivity with In-Store Music

Study after study has reached the same conclusion: that in-store music drives sales, influences customer behaviors, and motivates employees! Sign up for a free trial from Cloud Cover Music and select the music plan that matches your business goals.

Customize Music to Target Demographics and Behavior

The music curators at Cloud Cover Music have designed a targeted music selection to reach your key demographics. Our business is helping your business drive sales, improve employee morale using music that meets your unique needs.

An Expanding Music Library that Evolves with Your Business

The music team at Cloud Cover Music understands that the world of business is ever changing and always evolving...just like your business goals. To keep pace with the unique needs of your business, we’re always refining and adding to our vast music library, so there are always countless options for you to add to your selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stations & Music

Every single one of our current music stations can be viewed on our site or in your trial account. Check them out right here – just don’t blame us if you end up going down an 8-hour music rabbit hole! And yes, you can also hear samples of the real music currently being played on that station.
The music that makes up the mixes and playlists at Cloud Cover Music has absolutely no explicit content.

All of our stations can be played with confidence, knowing that the songs follow the FCC content guidelines for public play without any profanity. We run all lyrics through software filters to make sure none of the language prohibited from airplay by the FCC is in our music.
For licensing compliance reasons, you cannot specify artists or songs to immediately play back in on our stations. By allowing our expert curators to program stations and music selections, Cloud Cover Music is able to meet all streaming licensing regulations, thus ensuring that your business is fully covered.

That being said, you CAN make specific suggestions on songs to add to your favorite stations, and even suggest ideas for entire stations - all based on the preferred sound for your business! You may also mix stations, remove songs, and schedule 15 minute timed changes to your music.
Cloud Cover Music is proud to offer family friendly programming that includes Kids Tween, Family Friendly, Kids Under 8 and more programming specifically designed for young audiences. In fact, many of our family friendly stations have become among our most popular with businesses across North America.

Our expert curators take extra care with these stations, performing extensive reviews of all song lyrics for anything the FCC would deem as “suggestive” – then taking it a step further by excluding all music that might be considered sad, interpretive or negative.

The result of Family Friendly is a truly happy family-oriented station comprised of both modern and classic pop hits that has become a staple at grocery and convenience stores across North America – and in Christian businesses that are looking for more secular music options to play in their locations.
The fact is, even the most open-minded among us have that one song or artist we’d prefer not to have playing in our stores or office.

As such, we have a permanent song removal feature that allows you to remove any songs that have recently streamed so that they are never played at your location again. If you have the Manage plan, you can even remove a song from playing at all of your locations in one click.
As much as we would like to, we are currently unable to accept submissions from musical artists or their representation. We wish you all the best, and look forward to hearing your music at the top of the charts soon!
How often a specific song is repeated is relative to the size of the station or stations you are currently playing. We strongly recommend mixing stations to make the pool of music larger – thereby reducing the chance of hearing the same song more than once in a given timeframe.
Our expert music curators spend hours cultivating new music for our stations. Those stations that feature today’s pop hits or modern, cutting-edge music however, are more likely to receive frequent updates than those that play nostalgic music from other eras. Gotta respect the classics, after all.
Absolutely, yes! Our team of music experts is always here to help guide you through the process of finding the music that helps engage your customers and build your brand.


The answer is “YES” to this very important question. Cloud Cover Music pays all royalties and fees for the music you stream from our service into your business so you don’t have to worry.

A subscription with Cloud Cover Music ensures that you are protected legally (we even give you a fancy window cling to show that your business supports legal music).
A performing rights organization (PRO), or performing rights society, helps songwriters and publishers get paid for the usage of their music by collecting performance royalties. Organizations like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SOCAN distribute the money collected to their affiliated songwriters and publishers.
There’s really no nice way to put it: playing music in your business without paying royalties to the PROs is akin to stealing from the artist. This is how musicians make their money – and the PROs are there to act as protection to make sure they get what they have coming to them.
If you do not receive the proper authorization you can be held liable for damages from a minimum of $750 up to a maximum of $150,000 per song played.

Recently, for example, ASCAP filed 10 legal actions against bars and restaurants across the United States. While the average cost for these establishments to play music amounts to $2 a day, they refused to pay the fees owed to perform the copyrighted musical works of ASCAP’s songwriter, composer, and music publisher members and were sued accordingly.

Costs and resentment can quickly mount for businesses that are sued, so we highly recommend finding an economical, licensed music solution as soon as you can.
No. Currently Cloud Cover Music is only available in the United States and Canada.
Unfortunately, the answer here is NO. Because you charge admission, there are special licensing regulations that govern your business. As such, you will need to work with PROs directly in order to obtain proper authority to play music or show video at your place of business.
There are TWO types of businesses that are exempt from requiring a license to play music:

1. Food service or drinking establishments – specifically, a restaurant, inn, bar, tavern, or any other similar place of business in which the public is being served food or drink that either a) are less than 3,750 gross square feet in size or b) are greater than 3,750 gross square feet AND have less than 6 loudspeakers per room AND less than 4 televisions greater than 55 diagonal inches in size.

2. Other Establishments with less than 2,000 square gross feet of space, or with more than 2,000 square gross feet of space and all of the other requisites listed in #1 above pertaining to food service and drinking establishments.

These two distinct types of businesses cannot directly charge their customers to see or hear the music originating from the radio or TV, nor can the music be transmitted beyond the business establishment. They must also be sure that the music has been licensed by their respective copyright owners or PROs.
Playing music in your office or office building can improve the mood and morale of your employees. To play music audibly and legally in your office, you need to work with a service that provides you and your business with all the proper licensing – a service like…Cloud Cover Music!
No. If your business has live music, DJs, or Karaoke, then you have to pay for additional music licenses to the PROs.

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