How Businesses Use Music and Messaging During the Holidays

In-store music and messaging can play an incredibly important role during the busy holiday shopping season – providing customers with a better experience and helping businesses convert more sales. But how can a business use music and messaging to make the crucial months of November and December their best ever?

Read on to learn three ways stores are using providers like Cloud Cover Music to sing a jolly tune during the joyous winter holidays.

Set the Seasonal Mood

From the moment we push back from the Thanksgiving dinner table, we’re conditioned to hear the winter holiday music classics. It’s embedded in our DNA. Wonderful tunes by Johnny Mathis, Burl Ives and even The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen never get old because they provide comfort and remind us of all the things we love about the holidays.

For these reasons – and because let’s face it, we’re suckers for the holidays – Cloud Cover Music provides holiday music stations that relax customers, remind them of home and family and, most importantly, put them in a mood to shop!

Promote Special Holiday Offers

Picture the scene: it’s the busiest time of year in your store. Wall to wall, your place is literally teeming with customers. What better time to play a well-crafted professional message announcing a special sale or holiday promotion?

Cloud Cover Music can help you seamlessly integrate in-store messaging into your music for business rotation – providing a powerful way to let folks know that just because it’s the holidays that doesn’t mean there aren’t great deals to be had up and down every aisle.

Help Your Customer Get Home Safely

In 2017, we all saw the kind of damage that Mother Nature can inflict our friends, family and fellow citizens. This holiday season, with severe weather a common occurrence in most of the country, wouldn’t it be nice to have the capability to warn customers about potential driving hazards brought on by snow, ice and wind – helping them make the trip from your location to their home as safely and securely as possible?

In-store messaging from Cloud Cover Music is the most effective way to create and communicate warning messages about hazards on the road that can potentially put their safety at risk.

It’s not too late to get great holiday music and vital promotional messaging in your business this holiday season. Click the button below to start your 14-Day FREE Trial and you’ll be humming a favorite seasonal tune in no time!


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