Drive Sales with In‑Store Messaging

Messaging plan from $26.96/mo. 14-Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

Load Your Own Messages
Upload your own messages at no cost.
Unlimited Storage
Store an unlimited number of messages in your Library.
Select Message Timing
Choose the number of songs to play between each message.
In-House Studio
Get professional message production from our in-house LA sound studio.

Create Unlimited Combinations

Move messages from your Library into combinations. Control timing for how often the messages will play.

Assign them to Locations

Assign the combinations to play at your locations. Some may be unique to one location while others may play at multiple sites. Changes are live and can be made at any time.

Sample Messages

Frequently Asked Questions


The valuable Messaging service from Cloud Cover Music allows you to insert your own promotional messages or announcements between songs.

To play your messages, you first create a Message Preset which lets you choose the order in which your messages will be heard, as well as how many songs will play between each message.
Messaging is a powerful, cost-effective way to communicate important announcements, in-store specials or other key intel to your customers. It’s a great way to boost sales and keep customers in the know.
Glad you asked! The answer is yes, we’d be happy to help you create and produce your messages via a professional production from our state-of-the-art in-house sound studio located in Los Angeles, California.
There is no limit to the number of messages you can have active at a time. You can also store an unlimited number of messages in your library.
You can change your messages as often as you like by simply editing your Message Presets.
The active messages will play in order in between your songs. Each location where you have Cloud Cover Music can have different active messages, giving you an extra measure of control over your announcements and where they are played. There is no limit to the number of messages you can group together.
Sure you can! Simply go to Your Library in your Cloud Cover Music account, and you will be able to use our easy message upload feature.

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