Control Your Locations From Anywhere

Manage plan from $20.61/mo. 14-Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.


Monitor Locations

Get immediate feedback on location streaming. Use detailed stream history for troubleshooting. Pull compliance reports over time. See all music and message assignments.

Control Access

Control your locations with multiple permission levels. This includes controlling access to a select number of stations chosen to match your brand. Empower managers with remote music control.

Manage Music

Change music in one, many, or all locations with one click. Group locations into regions by geography, demography, etc. and target them with specific music selections.

Support & Implementation

Our live support center helps you with installation and troubleshooting. Start with one location and add more as you go. Absolutely no startup cost or location minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions


The cost of having music in multiple locations is determined using a pay-per-stream system. This is due to the fact that Cloud Cover Music must also pay PROs and SoundExchange on a per-stream basis in order to keep everything legal. The Manage plan costs $22.90/mo per location.
With a Manage or Messaging plan, Master Admins can see whether their locations are streaming in real-time through their Locations page.
Yes, those Cloud Cover Music users who are on the Manage or Messaging plans are able to control every location’s selection from a single Master Admin account.

If you are on the Music plan, you can remotely control all of your locations’ music and messages by logging in to each individual account using a computer or compatible mobile device.
Yes, you can! Simply log in to your Master Admin account (Manage or Messaging plans) and visit the Company Stations page. You can now select specific stations that your locations will be allowed to access. This key feature gives you the power to support your brand with music that is the perfect, unique fit for every single one of your locations.
Nope. You can use any combination of equipment at any of your locations and still take advantage of the multi-location enterprise solution from Cloud Cover Music.
Yes, you can request individual bills for each of your locations if you have 5+ locations in your account.
Even though some or all of your locations are paying their own bill, you can certainly still control the music that is played in each.

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All plans include Public Performance Licenses for: