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Customize your streaming music service to meet the specific needs of your retail business.

Clothing & Accessories Retailers

Music has proven to be just as influential when making a purchasing decision as a brand’s visual elements and overall store aesthetic. An effective audio identity matches customers’ expectations when they walk into the store, and also stays aligned with your brand values.

As a fashion apparel retailer, one of your business goals could be to cohesively integrate your ads, visuals, promotions, and music. Cloud Cover curates music stations for retailers of all concepts and sizes so they can spend less time sorting & skipping through tracks, and more time engaging with eager customers.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Grocery stores and supermarkets are among the most complex retail environments. A supermarket’s sound system is challenged to instruct employees (i.e. price check), promote specials and maintain an up-beat mood for customers.

As a retail store operator, different music in different sections can set the appropriate tone and influence the dwell times in the most profitable sections. You can keep tight control of store section music zones to assure that playlists meet departmental goals and promotional announcements contribute to sales volume.

Wine, Spirits & Liquor

Customers of Retail Liquor and Wine Stores demonstrate well-defined preferences for beer, wine and liquor, but tend to enjoy variety within each. The appropriate music can increase or decrease dwell time to encourage browsing, experimentation and return visits.

As a wine and spirits operator, you can satisfy customers’ eclectic tastes by coordinating music and possibly even promotional announcements with a rotating promotional calendar. Playlists and in-store advertising can be scheduled to influence sales while “cultural” zones can be set up to correlate with regional varieties.

Dispensaries / Smoke Shops / Vape Shops

There’s a deep connection between the scent consumers inhale and the sounds they hear. Cannabis dispensaries, smoke shops & vape shops have experienced unprecedented growth in recent years with a majority of states legalizing cannabis retail sales.

Today, retailers are pushing for cultural normalization, and are looking for music that fits that wider appeal. Store playlists should be curated to appeal to a diverse, progressive audience looking to feel comfortable in new surroundings and new experiences.

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Wireless Retail

Consumers rely upon Wireless stores to provide a wide range of highly-technical services and hardware demonstrations with tight constraints on time and space. Employees offer customer service, sales and education with the help of essential in-store technology.

Installing background music controls on existing in-store tablets or mobile phones allows wireless store salespeople to demonstrate smartphone, tablet and speaker functionality and fidelity without interrupting playlists and messaging.

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Gas Stations and Convenience Stores are one of the few prospering brick-and-mortar retailers that are still growing in the era of omnichannel commerce. With a focus on speed and convenience, they’ve redefined the fuel stop to include fuel, energy drinks, fresh made-to-order food, cold beer, and car washes.

As a stand alone C-store or C-Store fuel operator, you can move traffic from pump to store to car wash and enhance in-store experiences and sales with timely music and promotional messaging.

Auto & Motorcycle Dealerships

The moment a customer walks into your showroom is vital for your brand. This is the moment at which you explain who you are, what you believe in, and what you offer your customers. The right playlist for your auto or motorcycle dealership will connect your customers with your brand and set the stage for the time you will spend together.

Whether you need energy-boosting music in the service center or music that increases buying behaviour on the showroom floor, Cloud Cover Music offers a variety of licensed stations for every zone at an unbeatable price.

Drug Stores & Pharmacies

Playing the appropriate music at your drug store or pharmacy can help patients feel better and encourage your employees to offer better customer service. While you may have a stack of CDs at home or personal playlist that seem perfect for in-store use, working with a business music provider like Cloud Cover ensures that every track is licensed for company-use.

Our music and messaging solution also enables you to schedule music by time of day, manage music by stream, and set up controlled access by employee.

A Comprehensive Retail Music System

Cloud Cover is an industry innovator, streaming music for retail stores without long-term contracts or compromise at an unbeatable price.

Cloud Cover is an industry innovator, streaming music for retail stores without long-term contracts or compromise at an unbeatable price.

Licensed for Retail

Fully-licensed hit music from ASCAP, BMI, GMR, SOCAN, etc.

Cloud-based Access

Access the Tune streaming player from any web browser or mobile device.

Eclectic Variety

Create custom mixes with 220+ stations, filtered by mood, genre & business type.

Influence Shoppers & Reinforce Employee Training with Integrated Promotional Messaging.

Integrated Messaging

Upload ads / messaging to blend seamlessly with your streaming music program.

In-store Zones

Play multiple streams within a single location to align music with departmental goals.

Aligned to Goals

Promote sales, incentivize engagement or boost productivity with music.

Our degreed Ethnomusicologists survey stakeholders to curate a streaming music program customized for your store’s business goals.

BrandMatch Survey

Survey stakeholders on-location to ensure optimal brand alignment.

Custom Brand Mixes

Mix stations and set priorities to create your own custom company playlists.

Daypart Schedules

Schedule playlists and ads to correspond with key periods during the business day

Stream at a single location or manage thousands of stores by setting permissions for regions, locations & zones.

Centralized Control

Set permissions to grant access to devices, playlists and messages.

Local Permissions

Mix stations and schedule messaging within defined corporate parameters.

Billing Options

Customize payment sources, methods and frequency to meet your accounting needs.

Monitor local streaming and messaging activity with compliance and daily use reports.

Streaming Reports

Get immediate feedback on location streaming and use these detailed reports for any needed troubleshooting.

Location Reports

Track music and messaging for each location to ensure brand consistency.

Promotional Tracking

Track sales against messaging and station schedules.

Strategic partnerships allow Cloud Cover to service enterprise businesses with world-class reliability, scalability and support.

Best Buy Business

Scale your music program with equipment, financing, installation, and support.


Stream music through your existing Sonos system with our native integration.

Amazon Web Services

Tune streaming services achieve 99.99% uptime with AWS hosting and monitoring.

From $16.16/mo|Legal Music for Business

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All plans include Public Performance Licenses for: