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Why Is Background Music for Restaurants So Important?

The research discussed in the Food Newsfeed run by Journalistic, Inc., suggests that playing the right music for your restaurant could increase sales by nine percent! With profits on the line, it’s vital to ensure that the music you play is right for the audience you serve. Cloud Cover Music has deep experience in music for restaurants. Let us provide your restaurant with the world-class reliability, scalability, and support that it deserves.

Music for Restaurants of Any Type

Customize streaming music to meet the needs of your restaurant ambiance.

Restaurants, Bars & Pubs

Consistency is key in the bar and restaurant business. Every aspect of your restaurant, bar or pub needs to be curated. The service, menu, the drinks and music should all work together to create a memorable experience.

As a manager, you need control of your playlists, scheduling and permissions to ensure that you set the right mood at the right time. With a curated playlist, you can build momentum through happy hour, turn tables during dinner and encourage patrons to linger late at night.

Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine dining success is defined by a restaurateurs’ careful attention to the balance of food, service and atmosphere. The right playlist can accentuate a mood, evoke feelings and underscore themes in your space.

As a restaurant operator, you need the ability to create separate moods in your reception area, bar, dining room, rest rooms and event spaces. Up-tempo music can move a couple extra cocktails in the bar, while light jazz with dinner can influence patrons to linger and even inspire the need for dessert or an after dinner drink.

Fast Casual and Quick Serve Restaurants

Speed is key in Fast Casual and Quick Serve Restaurants. Customers expect high efficiency from both in-store and drive-thru ordering, and studies show that down-tempo music can decrease perceived wait times and increase customer ratings in these environments. Also, during rushes, more up tempo music can turn tables more quickly.

As a fast food operator, your control of music playlists, scheduling and promotional messages can ensure that employees remain motivated, take-outs remain patient and diners enjoy a break in their busy days.

Choosing the Right Background Music for Your Restaurant

Important things to consider when choosing the right music for your restaurant include:

  • The market segment you serve
  • The food you offer
  • The decor and type of restaurant
  • The patrons who visit you

Let Cloud Cover Music take the stress out of trying to choose the best music for your restaurant. Our team of degreed Ethnomusicologists survey your key stakeholders to curate a streaming music program customized specifically to your restaurant’s business goals.

Comprehensive Restaurant Music Systems

Cloud Cover is an industry innovator, streaming music for restaurants without long-term contracts or compromise at an unbeatable price.

Cloud Cover is an industry innovator, streaming music for restaurants without long-term contracts or compromise at an unbeatable price.

Commercial Use License

Fully-licensed hit music from ASCAP, BMI, GMR, SOCAN, etc.

Cloud-based Access

Access the Tune streaming player from any web browser or mobile device.

Eclectic Variety

Create custom mixes with 220+ stations, filtered by mood, genre & business type.

Influence Restaurant Patrons & Reinforce Employee Training with Integrated Promotional Messaging.

Integrated Messaging

Upload ads / messaging to blend seamlessly with your streaming music program.

In-store Zones

Play multiple streams within a single location to align music with departmental goals.

Aligned to Goals

Promote sales, incentivize engagement or boost productivity with music.

Our degreed Ethnomusicologists survey stakeholders to curate a streaming music program customized for your restaurant’s business goals.

BrandMatch Survey

Survey stakeholders on-location to ensure optimal brand alignment.

Custom Brand Mixes

Mix stations and set priorities to create your own custom company playlists.

Daypart Schedules

Schedule playlists and ads to correspond with key periods during the business day.

Stream at a single location or manage thousands of restaurants by setting permissions for regions, locations & zones.

Centralized Control

Set permissions to grant access to devices, playlists and messages.

Local Permissions

Mix stations and schedule messaging within defined corporate parameters.

Billing Options

Customize payment sources, methods and frequency to meet your accounting needs.

Monitor local streaming and messaging activity with compliance and daily use reports.

Streaming Reports

Get immediate feedback on location streaming and use these detailed reports for any needed troubleshooting.

Location Reports

Track music and messaging for each location to ensure brand consistency.

Promotional Tracking

Track sales against messaging and station schedules.

Strategic partnerships allow Cloud Cover to service enterprise businesses with world-class reliability, scalability and support.

Best Buy Business

Scale your music program with equipment, financing, installation, and support.


Stream music through your existing Sonos system with our native integration.

Amazon Web Services

Tune streaming services achieve 99.99% uptime with AWS hosting and monitoring.

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