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Why Is Background Music for Financial Services So Important?

Playing background music at a bank and other financial institutions has many benefits for customers, including reducing stress, creating a sense of privacy, and even providing entertainment. Because music can have such a strong influence on customers' moods, curating the perfect playlist or selecting the right genre of music to play at your financial institution may seem overwhelming. Cloud Cover Music can help you choose the best songs to keep your customers happy and relaxed as they make financial decisions at your institution.
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Music for the Financial Services Industry

Customized streaming music and playlists for Financial Services can reduce perceived wait time, increase privacy & improve staff efficiency

Music for Financial Services: Banks & Credit Unions

Financial institutions are essential businesses that pride themselves on delivering excellent customer service. Providing a soothing atmosphere with the right background music can make all the difference. With Cloud Cover Music a bank or credit union manager can choose just the right music that customers will enjoy, even while waiting in line. The right music can also mask sensitive conversations between customers and tellers, affording people a level of privacy as well as a distraction and calming influence. Playlists are available in every genre and can be set to rotate on set schedules depending on location and time of day. Employee productivity and job satisfaction can also increase with the right mix of music.

Music for Financial Services: Insurance Agencies

Insurance offices have waiting areas, workspaces, and meeting rooms where customers and employees do business. Having the appropriate background music can make all the difference in delivering an exceptional customer experience and influencing employee productivity. With millions of song combinations and more than 220 professionally curated playlists, an insurance business can deliver a unique customer experience that pays dividends.

Why Choose Us as Your Business’s Music Solution?

  • Hundreds of stations for a low price

    Cloud Cover is an industry innovator, streaming music for business without long-term contracts or compromise at an unbeatable price.
    • All Licensing Included
    • Cloud-based platform
    • Wide variety of stations
  • nest_multi_room

    Multi-location management from the app

    Stream at a single location or manage thousands of locations by setting permissions for regions & zones.
    • Manage one or multiple locations at once
    • Set permissions for devices, playlists and messages
    • Customize payment sources, methods and frequency
  • Music zones & branded messaging

    Influence Customers & Reinforce Employee Training with Integrated Promotional Messaging.
    • Play multiple streams within a single location
    • Upload ads & messaging to seamlessly blend into your music
    • Promote sales and incentivize engagement
  • Built with small & enterprise businesses in mind

    Strategic partnerships allow Cloud Cover to service enterprise businesses with world-class reliability, scalability and support.
    • Best Buy installation, support, equipment & financing
    • Native Sonos integration
    • 99% uptime via AWS streaming
  • Reporting and tracking for all activity

    Monitor local streaming and messaging activity with compliance and daily use reports.
    • Streaming reports on what’s been played
    • Report by location to ensure consistency
    • Track sales against promotion and station schedules
  • auto_fix

    Custom tailored to your brand

    Our degreed Ethnomusicologists survey stakeholders to curate a streaming music program customized for your business’s needs.
    • On-site BrandMatch surveys
    • Custom brand mixes & station blends
    • Custom daypart scheduling for stations & ads

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