Play the right music for hotels, and you'll set the tone for every guest’s stay. Introduce them to your brand with music, and they'll come back again and again.

Here's what you need to know to play the right songs — with the right legal permissions — to surprise and delight your guests.

Finding the Right Genre for Your Hotel

Finding the right music genre for your hotel means thinking like your guests. Consider where they have come from and what they expect to do once they have arrived, and think about how those expectations might fit into your brand promise.

For example, a hotelier interviewed by The New York Times suggests that music should help guests step into the culture of the city in which the hotel is located. If you are in Nashville, for example, country music could set the mood for your guests. If you are in an urban area, playing hip hop or R&B could help your guests to acclimate to your city’s culture.

If you play up your city’s culture in your decorations and the themes within your rooms, making a match with music is especially important. This is how you will help your guests to understand what they can expect to experience in your location.

Tips for Having Great Music at Your Hotel

Here are some tips to ensure you play great music that sounds excellent in your hotel:

Invest in a High-Quality Sound System

Hotels are large spaces with multiple sound requirements. Outfitting your hotel with the right sound system is likely not something you can do yourself. Call in a professional to make sure it’s done right.

While a high-quality system will cost more upfront, it’s generally worth the investment in the long run. Cheaper systems may break down frequently, costing you more in repairs and headaches.

Consider the Volume

If the music is too quiet, it may not compete with your customers’ loud chatter and rolling luggage. If it is too loud, on the other hand, it might cause your guests to shout at their companions. Aim for a balance between much too soft and overly loud.

Make Adjustments

You don’t necessarily want the same music playing around the clock. Consider the time of day and make playlist adjustments accordingly.

Music that is a bit more upbeat and up-tempo may work best first thing in the morning. The pace and vibe of your music may slow down in the late evening hours.

Likewise, certain areas of your hotel will benefit from specific music choices. You won’t want to play the same upbeat lobby music in the spa where guests want to relax.

Using a Background Music Provider For Your Hotel

It’s difficult to find, schedule, and manage music for your hotel. Accounting for legal issues can be even harder. 

Each time you play music in your hotel, you could owe a small payment to those that hold the copyright. Those organizations, called performing rights organizations (PROs), will demand the money they are owed in person, letters, and/or lawsuits. Hotels are very vulnerable to confrontations with PROs. 

PROs hire staff to walk through organizations and seek out unauthorized use of music. Since hotel lobbies are typically open to the public, you could face a visit by a PRO rep at almost any time. 

Partnering with a background music provider gives you peace of mind. These organizations negotiate with PROs, so you know every song is legal. 

Providers also have robust song selections, typically organized by genre. You can choose the right songs quickly, and if you change your mind, alter the playlist quickly. Top-notch providers also add on bonus services, including the option to share custom messages over your speakers. 

A qualified partner can create the perfect playlist to maximize your hotel’s benefits, giving you time to focus on your clients.

Why Partner With CCM for Music for Hotels?

Your clients think of your hotel as one location. But savvy operators know their hotels are filled with unique spaces — each one with a signature sound. Cloud Cover Music offers a sleek, sophisticated interface filled with zones. Create different playlists for your lobby, gym, spa, hallways, and more.

Access dozens of curated playlists and mix them until you find a signature sound for your brand. Hear a song you don’t like, and remove it from the lineup quickly and easily.

Control the sound from your phone, tablet, or another connected device. Change the music from anywhere, including your home.

Share promotional content with your guests from the Cloud Cover Music platform and run reports to track performance. For example, tell your guests about holiday special booking rates, and measure how many took advantage of your deals.

Every song you play is licensed, so you know you’re always in compliance with the musicians and their publishers. Share songs with confidence, and never worry about surprise visits from officials.

Get the sounds that set your hotel apart from the crowd with Cloud Cover Music. Prices start at $16.16 per month, and you can try us for free and see if we’re right for you. Contact us to find out more and get started.


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