Your grocery store sound system serves multiple functions. The music you play keeps customers engaged, but overhead announcements also keep staff focused. And that same system can inform customers about hot deals and great values in your market.

Without a functioning sound system, the shopping experience falls flat. But finding the right partner isn’t always easy. Let Cloud Cover Music Help.

Stream the Right Music Legally

We're surrounded by music all day, every day. Licenses protect the rights of people who wrote and performed those songs. If you hook up a smartphone to your store's sound system, you could be violating those rights and breaking the law.

Cloud Cover Music holds agreements with major organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and ReSound. Our clients can play music in their stores without breaking the law.

Pull from playlists made for retail locations, or build your own made for your brand.

Share the same music in all spots within your store, or select tunes for specific parts of your store. Switch it up anytime with a few button pushes.

Share Announcements in One or All Locations

Use an intuitive system to record and share messages throughout your grocery store. Set a schedule and share the same message repeatedly, saving you time.

Share urgent messages with your customers and staff over the same system. Accurate volume control ensures your voice sounds natural. Send messages throughout the entire store, or choose just one area for your important note.

Pull Critical Reports

You've just shared a message about a sale or promotion. Did it work, or do you need to revise your script? Track your sales versus your promotions, and get the details you need to support your brand.

If you’re running an enterprise organization, run reports to monitor each location and track your progress. Even when you’re not in every store, you’ll still know what’s going on.

What Music Should You Play?

You know music could help you engage shoppers and boost sales, but you're not quite sure what songs to play. These suggestions can help you decide. 

If you're interested in soothing your shoppers, consider this playlist:

  • Song: Amor Fati
    Artist(s): Washed Out
  • Song: Aquarium
    Artist(s): Nosaj Thing
  • Song: Chamakay
    Artist(s): Blood Orange
  • Song: Cirrus
    Artist(s): Bonobo
  • Song: Ghostwriter
    Artist(s): RJD2
  • Song: Hours
    Artist(s): Tycho
  • Song: Intro
    Artist(s): The xx
  • Song: It All Feels Right
    Artist(s): Washed Out
  • Song: At All
    Artist(s): KAYTRANADA
  • Song: CandleLit
    Artist(s): DJ Harrison

If you're interested in upbeat songs to keep shoppers moving, consider this playlist:

  • Song: Absolutely
    Artist(s): Ra Ra Riot
  • Song: Ain't a Thing
    Artist(s): Oliver Nelson, Kaleem Taylor
  • Song: 80s Mercedes
    Artist(s): Maren Morris
  • Song: Aquaman
    Artist(s): WALK THE MOON
  • Song: Born to Be Yours
    Artist(s): Kygo, Imagine Dragons
  • Song: Brand New
    Artist(s): Ben Rector
  • Song: Budapest
    Artist(s): George Ezra
  • Song: Disarm
    Artist(s): Empire of the Sun
  • Song: Don't Feel Like Crying
    Artist(s): Sigrid
  • Song: I Found Out
    Artist(s): The Head and the Heart

If you're looking for songs to help customers linger, consider this playlist:

  • Song: Jackie in the Rain
    Artist(s): Terence Blanchard, Kenny Barron, Carl Allen, David Pulphus
  • Song: Poinciana
    Artist(s): Ahmad Jamal
  • Song: The Touch of Your Lips – Remastered
    Artist(s): Art Farmer
  • Song: When Sunny Gets Blue
    Artist(s): McCoy Turner
  • Song: All Blues
    Artist(s): Miles Davis
  • Song: Almost Like Being in Love
    Artist(s): Lester Young, Oscar Peterson Trio
  • Song: Along Came Betty
    Artist(s): Art Blakey
  • Song: Bye Bye Blackbird
    Artist(s): Miles Davis
  • Song: Cantaloupe Island - Remastered 1999 / Rudy Van Gelder Edition
    Artist(s): Herbie Hancock
  • Song: Darn That Dream
    Artist(s): George Shearing, The Montgomery Brothers

If you're hoping to make your shoppers hungry, consider food-infused songs, such as these:

  • Song: Carry Out
    Artist(s): Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake
  • Song: Lollipop
    Artist(s): Lil Wayne ft. Static
  • Song: Mango Tree
    Artist(s): Zac Brown Band ft. Sara Bareilles
  • Song: Milkshake
    Artist(s): Kelis
  • Song: Candy
    Artist(s): Mandy Moore
  • Song: Birthday Cake
    Artist(s): Rihanna ft. Chris Brown
  • Song: Peaches & Cream
    Artist(s): 112
  • Song: Buttered Popcorn
    Artist(s): The Supremes
  • Song: Red Red Wine
    Artist(s): UB40
  • Song: Cheeseburger in Paradise
    Artist(s): Jimmy Buffett
  • Song: Hot Burrito
    Artist(s): The Flying Burrito Brothers
  • Song: Banana Pancakes
    Artist(s): Jack Johnson
  • Song: Banana Boat Song
    Artist(s): Harry Belafonte
  • Song: Mashed Potatoes
    Artist(s): James Brown
  • Song: Apple, Peaches, and Pumpkin Pie
    Artist(s): Jay & The Techniques
  • Song: Peaches
    Artist(s): Presidents of the United States

You can craft custom playlists just like this on Cloud Cover Music, or you can choose from many song sets already created for retail environments.

Music for Grocery Stores FAQs

Why do I need to pay for a public performance license for music in my grocery store? 

You may think that your customers are not paying conscious attention to the music you play in your grocery store, or you may assume that a song recording is not the same as a public performance. However, U.S. copyright law states that playing a recording of a song qualifies as a public performance, especially if the music might financially benefit you. If you make money, the artist who created the song should also receive royalty payment for helping you.

Playing music in your store arguably benefits your bottom line, so you must pay royalties through a PRO or a commercial music streaming service, like Cloud Cover Music.

How does playing music in my grocery store benefit my business? 

Music can change your customers’ moods, mental states, and physical energy, inspiring them to buy more. According to scientific research, this behavioral change can improve a business’s financial outcomes.

If you commission music from a composer specifically for your store, you may negotiate a deal with them to pay royalties if the introduction of that music improves your finances. Similarly, if you use popular music in your store and you make more money, you will legally need to pay royalties on that music.

How can I get music for my grocery store without dozens of PRO contracts? 

Negotiating contracts with multiple PROs can become complicated and expensive, especially for small business owners. Rather than spend time away from your grocery store’s needs, you can simply sign up for Cloud Cover Music.

We have an easy-to-use interface like other streaming services, but we offer public performance licenses for streaming music rather than private, individual licenses like Spotify or YouTube.