Music for Car Dealerships: Stream Legal, Custom Playlists

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More than half of all Americans feel anxious or uncomfortable when visiting a car dealership. They worry they’re paying too much, buying the wrong car, or selecting packages they don’t need.

The right background music for car dealerships could ease jittery drivers, making the average 4-hour visit more pleasant for everyone, including your staff.  

What Music Should You Play?

The better you can articulate your brand, the better you can create the environment that attracts (and pleases) your ideal customers.

What attributes would you use to describe your products and customers?

  • For tech-savvy customers: Techno beats might appeal to plugged-in consumers shopping for smart cars.
  • For commuters: Short songs with a quick pace are go-to choices for in-town trips. Playing these sounds in your dealership could remind consumers why they need your cars.
  • For families: Appeal to consumers shopping for minivans with songs that work for adults and children.

You’ve crafted the perfect playlist for car dealerships on your phone. Pause before you play. You need an appropriate license, as songs are protected by copyright holders. Even if you are in your own car dealership and have a personal account with Spotify (or some similar platform), playing music in your dealership without the proper license violates copyright laws.

A background music provider like Cloud Cover Music can help you create the perfect playlist for your customers and staff. Providers work directly with music copyright holders, so every song you play is protected. Let your music partner handle these details, so you can focus on serving your customers.

Steer Your Company to Success

Choosing the right songs and navigating licensing can be confusing and complicated. With Cloud Cover Music, access thousands of song combinations to make the right mix for your customers, or let your partner make a mix just for you. Stop worrying about what music is playing or whether or not you’ve bought the right license to play it.

One dashboard controls the sounds at all of your locations. Use dayparting to pump up the tempo to motivate early-morning shoppers and slow things down to ease stragglers out the door in the evening. Schedule different songs in sensitive parts of your dealership, like the finance office.  

Cloud Cover Music offers audio promotions, so you can tell shoppers about special deals or savings within your repair department. And know you can change anything about your setup with one quick tap.

Now is a great time to be in the car business. The average dealership recorded a net profit of $3 million in 2021. Background music for car dealerships makes this possible. Contact Cloud Cover Music and start driving your company in the right direction.


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