Control Your Music Anytime, From Anywhere

You can choose the device you prefer for playing music. You can play music from our dedicated CloudBox player, our free mobile app (Android and iOS) or a web browser on your computer. The music can be controlled from a web browser on a computer or mobile browser from anywhere.

Why the CloudBox is Most Popular

The majority of our customers appreciate having a reliable, dedicated, set-and-forget CloudBox to play music and messages. Once the CloudBox is plugged into an ethernet connection or WiFi is configured, it will connect to Cloud Cover Music and start playing the music you have selected from your account.

  • Tamper resistant – Limit access to prevent people changing music or messages to protect your brand
  • Remotely controlled from the web
  • Locally stored music that automatically plays if the network connection is interrupted and auto resumes when restored
  • Auto-restart if power outage occurs
  • Simple plug-and-play setup — WiFi requires a little configuration to join the network
  • Includes RCA connector for Aux connection to an amp from the 3.5mm line out. HDMI and SPDIF can be used if desired
  • Bluetooth version also available upon request

Purchase price of $75 USD. Boxes are ordered from your Cloud Cover Music account.

Streaming from Your Mobile Device

Stream from a mobile device by connecting through an amplifier, Bluetooth, AirPlay (iOS) or Chromecast (Android).

The iOS and Android apps are downloadable for free on iOS 8+ and Android 5+.

Keep in mind that amber alerts, phone calls and other apps can cause interruptions, so consider disabling other activities on the device that you don’t want your customers to hear! Kiosk Mode is a quick configuration that can lock the device and dedicate the device to run with fewer interruptions!

Streaming From Your Computer

Log into your Cloud Cover Music account in a web browser and you can stream directly to any connected amp or amplified speakers through a headphone/line out with RCA into your amplifier or 3.5mm line into amplified speakers. Your computer may also support wireless Bluetooth (up to 30 feet from a Bluetooth speaker), Chromecast from Chrome, or AirPlay.

To make things simple, if you operate multiple locations you can create a bookmark for each location that is “click-and-go”, with the stations, mixes and schedules of your administrators’ choosing.

An important note, Apple Safari puts the browser tabs that are not in the foreground “to sleep”, so if you are using Safari, make sure the tab playing music is in its own window!

Speakers, Amps and Installation

Although Cloud Cover Music does not supply speakers, amps or do installations, we hear from thousands of customers and work with partners all over the US and Canada who can help make recommendations and perform installations. We also partner with Digital Signage companies and work either directly integrated or in tandem with them to be the music and audio message provider.

From $17.95/mo|Music Designed for Business

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All plans include Public Performance Licenses for: