Control Your Players Anytime, From Anywhere


Music From Your Cloud Box

Stream music from our Cloud Box using either an Ethernet cable (recommended) or your Wifi network (configuration required). It includes an RCA audio cable for connecting the box into your receiver/amplifier.

Employees/staff do not have access to change music or messages. Our box comes with 3 hours of royalty free music that plays if Internet service is unavailable. Royalty free music provided by Ken Elkinson.

Purchase price of $65 USD. Boxes are ordered from your Cloud Cover account.

Music From Your Mobile Player

Download the free iOS or Android App and stream music from your Account. Direct the music to your Bluetooth speakers or connect an audio cable into the receiver/amplifier.

Best solution for Wifi and mobile streaming.

View Supported Devices

Most mobile devices work with the app but only the following are officially supported:

  • iOS 8+, Android 4.1+
  • Apple iPhone 5/5S and higher
  • Apple iPad 3 and higher, iPad Air, iPad Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 and higher, Note 2 and higher
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and higher
  • HTC One and higher
  • Motorola Droid RAZR and higher
  • Google Nexus 4 and higher
  • Google Nexus 7 tablet and higher

Music From Your Computer

Using a browser stream music from your Account. Stream directly to Bluetooth speakers or use an audio cable to connect the music into a receiver/amplifier.

No hardware to buy. Can work on POS systems with browser access.

From $17.95/mo|Delivering more for less!