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Monitor Locations

Our dashboard gives immediate feedback on location streaming. Use detailed stream history for troubleshooting. Pull compliance reports over time. See all music and message assignments.

Control Access

Control your locations with multiple permission levels. Empower managers with remote music control. This includes offering a limited set of company branded music choices.

Manage Music & Messaging

Change music or messaging in once click. Group locations together for targeting.

Our mobile app is a virtual remote control for any location. Track messages to sales with downloaded reports.

Support & Implementation

Our live support center helps you with installation and troubleshooting. Start with one location and add more as you go. Absolutely no startup cost or location minimum. Try us today!

They cover a wide variety of music all under an easy to use interface. Their patient & helpful customer service staff are very thorough.
IT Site Operations, 
We really like the service - it’s so easy to use!
Bill T.
IT Specialist, 
We really enjoy the variety of stations. It’s an awesome music solution.
Raul M.
Area Manager, 
H&R Block

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Starting at $22.90 per month, including music, you can get location control and monitoring for less.

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Have multiple locations?

We’re built for you! From simple hands-free control to advanced management and monitoring, our software has the business features you need.

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