Drive Sales with In‑Store Messaging

Messaging plan is $29.95/mo, no contract

Load Your Own Messages
Upload your own messages at no cost.
Unlimited Storage
Store an unlimited number of messages in your Library.
Select Message Timing
Choose the number of songs to play between each message.
In-House Studio
Get professional message production from our in-house LA sound studio.

Create Unlimited Combinations

Move messages from your Library into combinations. Control timing for how often the messages will play.

Assign them to Locations

Assign the combinations to play at your locations. Some may be unique to one location while others may play at multiple sites. Changes are live and can be made at any time.

Sample Messages

Message FAQs

Our Messaging plan is $29.95/mo. There is a 10% discount available for annual plans. See our Pricing Plans.
Once you are out of the 14 day trial, we will record your messages. During trial you can send us self-recorded messages or we can load samples for you to test with. Messages take 5 business days to produce in our studio.
We will store an unlimited number of messages in your library.
Yes. You can select different promotional messages by location.
We already have relationships with many franchises. They provide us with messages that you can receive upon signup.

From $17.95/mo|Music Designed for Business

Request a Demo

Have 5+ locations? Talk with a sales executive team member and arrange a demo.

All plans include Public Performance Licenses for: