Audio Branding: What It Is and Why It’s Important

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For the average business, branding stops with visuals. For truly successful businesses, branding continues into a multi-sensory experience. Part of this is audio branding.

But what is audio branding?

Also known as sound branding or sonic branding, this strategy involves the use of sound to add an extra dimension to what makes a business stand out from the crowd. Let’s examine what you need to know about how to use business audio.

What is Audio Branding?

There are many definitions of audio branding. Audio company logos are all about the basic concept of using sound elements to communicate a brand’s identity to a customer.

Brand sound can include anything from jingles to songs to voices. Some businesses have even used the power of silence as a form of sonic branding.

The sounds you use represent and reinforce what your brand is, what it stands for, what it promises, and the unique personality that makes it different from other businesses. While most often used in TV and radio advertisements, you can find sound being used strategically in a variety of locations.

Visual Branding vs. Audio Branding

Audio branding companies see sound as something that works in tandem with conventional visual branding.

Although a radio advertisement relies entirely on sound, online ads, TV advertisements, and product demos all rely on the use of sound and visual excellence to come together to create a successful brand.

Together, they complete a brand to offer a truly multi-sensory experience.

Why Should You Consider Sound Branding?

For business owners that have relied on traditional advertising techniques, putting serious thought into the role of sound involves a shift in mindset. The investment is well worth it, with benefits including:

  • Fast Communication – The human mind processes sound incredibly quickly. Even a single note can make people feel a certain way.
  • Emotional Connections – Sound is, by its nature, emotional. Eliciting an emotion through your brand makes an instant connection to the hearts of your target market.
  • Memorable Branding – Brand sound is an easy way to evoke memories and to stand out from the crowd. Two businesses selling the same products can be entirely distinct based on sound alone.

Popular Examples of Audio Branding

Sound is big business, and any good audio branding agency will always be in high demand. Let’s look at some of the most effective examples of sound branding in action.

NBC News

NBC has made a simple three-tone chime famous. As one of the shortest audio company logos around, viewers automatically know which channel they’re tuned into.

The quickness of the sound means that the peacock logo acts as the reinforcement and the confirmation of the NBC brand after the sound.


TV shows have also used branding to great effect. Throughout its entire run, the hit TV show friends relied on the song ‘I’ll Be There for You’ by The Rembrandts.

It became so iconic that the song alone automatically connected with the show rather than band.


Nokia’s famous mobile phones took their sonic branding one step further. Its jingle evolved from being a mere brand sound and became the default ringtone for its mobile phones from the beginning of the brand to the present day.

How to Implement Audio Branding

Now that you know the answer to “what is audio branding?”, it is time to implement the concept as part of your wider brand marketing strategy. Here are some tips for the successful implementation of your very own audio logo.

1. Get the Tools of the Trade

You do not need a recording studio or a team of sound experts to manufacture an audio logo that reflects your brand. Even smaller businesses can make a massive difference to their marketing campaigns with sound logos.

Services like Cloud Cover provide instant access to fully licensed sounds, jingles, and songs at the click of a button. Simply create an account and gain access to a vast library of diverse tracks.

2. Choose an Emotion to Convey

Think of a selection of your favorite songs and reflect on how they make you feel. Sadness, anger, happiness, and enthusiasm are some of the emotions that a single sound or song can convey.

These sounds also transfer to other listening environments. Even hearing the same chord on another song can bring those memories and feelings racing back.

Know who your target market is and determine what your brand is all about. Remember, it’s all about encouraging the target audience to take action.

For example, a dog rescue shelter wants to create feelings of sadness, pity, and sympathy to encourage potential foster families to do something about the problem.

Lone violins, slow pianos, and even cellos are all instruments that can convey these desired emotions.

The right emotion depends on your demographic, the type of business, and the sort of action you wish your customers to take. Visceral sounds are only powerful when they hit the target.

How are you going to set the mood and use a sound to become iconic?

3. Create a Consistent Voice

Inconsistent brands break the spell no matter how effective an individual marketing campaign is.

Your sound branding must be consistent with every other aspect of your voice. The visual branding strategy, content marketing materials, and social media tone have to match up with the sounds you choose as part of your audio logo.

The successful implementation of any audio into your brand is merely a moving part, rather than an independent tool to win over your customers.


Branding through sound is a delicate mixture of art and science. Successful implementation requires intimately knowing who your ideal customer is and what they respond to.

It also requires consistency across your entire brand. Rather than a singular marketing strategy, this is an additional layer for your organization.

Begin branding with audio with the help of Cloud Cover. With thousands of carefully curated sounds to choose from, now has never been a better time to elevate your brand.

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