Creative Property Management Marketing Ideas to Bolster Your Brand and Business

The property management market is evolving, and your property management marketing needs to keep pace to grow your business. Traditional property management advertising like cold-calling, TV and radio commercials, and print media are outdated in the digital age. As a result, your company needs to embrace innovative online strategies to boost brand awareness, generate quality leads, attract new clients, and increase revenues.

Suppose you’re unsure how to develop your marketing strategy.

In that case, our property management marketing ideas are a roadmap for using digital tools to help your business stand out and prosper in the highly competitive market. Whether you’re a start-up property manager creating a marketing plan from scratch or an established company looking to pivot your strategy towards digital, read on for our top marketing ideas for property management.

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What is Property Management Marketing?

Before delving into the best property management marketing ideas for the digital age, let’s define “property management marketing” and explore its goals.

Having a clear picture of what marketing can and should achieve for your business will help you create an effective plan and adopt strategies that move you towards your larger goal of expanding your client portfolio and bolstering your business.

Marketing refers to all the activities your company undertakes to promote your property management service, including everything from advertising campaigns to brand consolidation.

Not only should your marketing attract new owner leads, but it should also build loyalty and trust among existing clients and their tenants.

Successful marketing reflects an understanding of your target market and focuses on building and maintaining relationships with clients over time.

Once property management marketing concentrated on traditional outlets like newspaper ads or TV spots. Today, the most impactful marketing for property management includes strategies for optimizing digital platforms and creative tactics for establishing your brand identity.

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Best Property Management Marketing Ideas

1. Leverage Your Website

You probably have a website, but when was the last time you took a critical look at how it presents your company?

Your website is a virtual storefront. It should positively represent your brand and inspire prospective clients to contact you.

Besides being fast and mobile-friendly, your site should include quality content that positions you as an authority in the industry.

High-quality images, easy-to-find contact information, thoughtful mission statements, and FAQs sections, staff bios, and client testimonials all go a long way to establishing your brand as professional and trustworthy.  

2. Steal the Online Spotlight

Building an inviting website is only the first step in an effective online marketing strategy. You also need to make sure your website floats to the top of search engine results.

You want to boost traffic with a studied plan that includes search engine optimization (SEO), keyword targeting, and informative blog content that addresses common issues your target market may be grappling with and proposes engaging solutions.

An excellent property management advertisement strategy is to repurpose your blog posts as content for your social media channels, funneling click-through traffic from Facebook or LinkedIn to your website.

3. Contribute to the Conversation

Be an informative voice on social media, write guest blog posts for other websites related to real estate.

You can make a series of short info-packed videos for your YouTube channel, start a podcast, get interviewed (the HARO website is a great way to connect with journalists looking for expert sources).

Instead, you could create a downloadable report or ebook about some aspect of property management—in short, deliver value that will capture the audience’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

The more visible your company is, the more you position your brand as a trusted leader in the industry, draw new clients, and strengthen your relationship with established customers.

In the latest digital marketing strategy, property management companies can’t afford to overlook the online community’s vast power and reach.

4. Build a Mailing List

Direct email campaigns to a mailing list you’ve built up over time made up of prospective leads, current clients, industry contacts, and other focused markets are another excellent way to both deliver value and let your unique brand voice really shine through.

You can send a newsletter once a month or as often as once a week, as long as you are consistent and engaging.

Fill your newsletter with links to industry-related articles or your recent blog posts, answer a frequently asked question, share company news, and welcome new clients, and be sure to include attention-grabbing images.

5. Engage in Your Community

An effective marketing strategy must have a holistic approach that may focus on digital and leaves room for reaching out to local businesses.

Build a local realtors network to penetrate new markets, implementing a referral reward for new clients they send to strengthen the partnership further. Attend local real estate investor meetings to network with members and spread brand awareness.

Establish affiliations with local banks and real estate attorneys who can recommend your services to their clients. Digital marketing has an enormous reach, but there is nothing like personal relationships to build your business.

6. Pay Attention to the Details

Choosing an enticing logo may be necessary, but branding is also about creating a complete customer experience that reflects your company’s mission and voice.

Make an impression on prospective clients by sending a branded “goodie box” that is unique and personal after meeting to begin your relationship on the right foot.

Reinforce your image with clients and tenants alike by selecting lobby music and uniforms with care.

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How to Create a Property Management Marketing Plan

Now that you have some property management advertising ideas that go beyond the traditional strategies, you need to create a marketing plan that embraces the importance of digital platforms.

First, pinpoint what type of client you want to attract. Once you have an idea of your target audience, it will be easier to target that market demographic with your website and social media content, local networking, and branding efforts.

Decide how many new clients you want to add over the next 12 months, based on your previous year’s data and industry trends. Set weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets to help you calibrate your marketing efforts to meet your goal.

Finally, create a marketing budget to cover your market demographic and targets. Digital marketing tends to have limited costs relative to the reach. Still, elements like a website update, professional content creation, and expert search engine optimization for your website can eat into your budget.

After you’ve nailed down your demographic, growth goals, and budget, you need to implement an action plan covering both the focus of the content and how often it's shared via social media, newsletters, and other digital outlets.

Decide on what content you can create that delivers value to clients by addressing their pain points or answering common questions, how frequently content is released, and where it will be posted.

Assign specific tasks to your team to make sure your company contributes to the conversation via guest posts or interviews, researching and following up on networking opportunities in the community, and integrating unique branding efforts to reinforce your image.

Set up a weekly or monthly calendar to implement the plan and track and evaluate your progress towards the overall marketing goal.

Choose which key performance indicators (KPI) you’ll use to measure your traffic, click-throughs, conversions, and other important metrics and how often these KPIs will be reviewed.

Keep in mind that your marketing strategy’s success depends on an effective sales process, so ensure that your sales team is following up on any contacts and leads generated, or your marketing efforts will be largely wasted.  

How Music Helps Property Management Marketing

Incorporating music as part of your branding strategy is one of the most creative and innovative property management marketing ideas for the digital age.

Music is a powerful sensory tool that can bolster your brand image by creating a positive, relaxed atmosphere in shared spaces like a lobby or fitness center, with more energetic music in the morning and mellow selections in the evening.

Subtle details like these demonstrate to tenants attention to detail and owner clients a professional standard that will set your company apart.

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Songs to Add to Your Property Management Playlist

  1. Coldplay - “Paradise
  2. Jack Johnson - “Banana Pancakes”
  3. Katy Perry - “Firework”
  4. Otis Redding - “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”
  5. Fleetwood Mac - “Landslide”

Choose Cloud Cover Music

Cloud Cover Music offers an extensive catalog of ad-free music tracks licensed for business use, making it easy to find the ideal background music to match your brand’s mood and voice.

Choose a streaming station by business type, mood, or genre—or combine stations to create a customized mix—and use the Dayparting feature to schedule music by the time of day or day of the week.

Contact us for tips and information about creating a brand-appropriate playlist with our licensed business music streaming services.


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