Legal Music for Your Salon or Spa: Creating Ambiance

There is no question that music is essential for business. Creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere is a priority for your salon or spa, so knowing how to legally play music in your business is important.

Is streaming music in really such a big deal? Music publishers protect the musicians that they represent, suing everyone from small businesses to Spotify for failing to properly pay for the music they stream. Music streaming for businesses is not an area you want to risk being sued over: some businesses have been fined $6,000 PER SONG that they played illegally.

Here are the basics you need to know before you play music in your salon or spa.

How Can I Play Music in My Salon or Spa?

Performing Rights Organizations (often referred to at PROs) are employed by songwriters to make sure that they are paid for their music. The largest PROs in the US are ASCAP, BMI, GMR & SESAC, and in Canada it's SOCAN. In order to legally stream music in your business, you must pay licensing fees to them.

Many businesses look to Pandora, Spotify, or playing the radio in order to avoid paying fees. However, Pandora and Spotify are B2C companies. This means that they are only licensed to play directly to customers, not to other businesses. In fact, their terms of service page directly states that playing Pandora in a business is illegal. A radio is only legal for spas and salons with less than 2000 gross square feet of space, or with 2000 or more gross square feet of space you're limited to less than 6 loudspeakers (no more than 4 loudspeakers per room).

How about CD’s or music that was purchased off of iTunes? Still not legal. Purchasing music is legally the same as leasing it and it does not give you the right to play it wherever you want.

Because there are different PROs that license various songwriters, the easiest and most thorough way to music stream for business is to use a B2B music service. They pay all of the licensing fees for you, so you don't have to have the headache of trying to figure out who to pay for what.

Not only is a music service for business your easiest option, but it is the most affordable option as well. Rather than paying various PROs (up to $1000/yr/organization), you can pay one monthly subscription for business music services.

What is the Best Way to Stream Music in My Salon or Spa?

Music streaming is unique for each business. It can vary based on a variety of factors, including business type - how you would like to play music in your salon or spa is not the same as a clothing store.

A spa uses music to take customers on an experience. Often times businesses will play the same music throughout the whole building, disregarding the ambiance and purpose of the various zones within.

This is where setting up your salon or spa with zones is most useful. By setting up zones, you can set your music how you want it and make it a unique experience for your customer.

For example, your waiting area and entrance may need to have higher energy music to amplify the customers' excitement for their treatments. However, once they are in their private room, the music can be used to induce a more calming environment. Likewise, in a salon a customer may request different music in their room based on their preference. By setting up various zones, you can control all of this remotely and create a better level of service for your customer.

Clients look for a luxurious and pampering experience, so little details, such as music, calibrated to their preferences will make your business stand out.

How Do I Get Started with Music Streaming in My Business?

Music streaming for businesses have never been easier! You can customize and streamline it based on what devices you use. There are three simple steps to setting up music streaming with Cloud Cover Music.

First, you need to choose what device you would like to stream from. This could be your computer, phone or tablet. You choose whatever is most convenient to use and most secure for you and your business. If you would prefer that it not be set up on your own device, you can choose a separate CloudBox to "set and forget" it.

Next, you will need to have speakers for it to play through. It could be as simple as playing off of your computer, but ideally, you would connect it to a speaker system. This is typically preferred for best listening experience, or if you have multiple rooms you would like music to play in. This can be either connect to your device through cable or Wi-Fi. Looking for speaker recommendations? Check this article out.

Last, you decide how you would like to control your music from there. You can choose to have it controlled locally or remotely from your laptop, phone, or mobile device.

With music streaming, you can set it up as simply or as complex as you’d like and control it where it works best for you.

How Do I Choose the Best Music for My Salon/Spa?

Music streaming services for businesses not only offer a legal way to play music, but it gives you the best music for your salon or spa. There is no surprise or jarring change in music that takes away from the ambiance you worked so hard to create in your business. Best of all, there are no ads.

You need a music streaming B2B service that understands your unique musical needs and desires. The music you decide to play affects how customers will feel about your business. Whether you are looking for a serene spa feel, or an upbeat, modern feel for your salon, you will want to have multiple options to find your right fit.

Cloud Cover Music - Making Streaming Easy for Your Business!

Choosing a subscription for streaming music not only means that you have licensed music for your business, but you can stream the right music for your business that works best for you.

Not only is it convenient, but it is cost effective, too! The average music service runs $17- $40 a month, which handles all of your licensing without having to deal with multiple PROs to make sure you can play the music you want. Cloud Cover Music offers letters of license verification to give you the assurance that you are covered.

Cloud Cover Music offers you the ease, convenience and peace of mind starting at $18.95 a month. Start your FREE 14-Day trial today and find out why businesses everywhere are using Cloud Cover Music!


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