Hospitals and Medical Offices Who Want Great Music Need to Know These 3 P’s

Medical facilities such as doctors’ offices, vision specialists, and hospitals can benefit from incorporating an on-site music program at their location. But getting the absolute most of your music for business service requires a little bit of knowledge.

It’s a little something we like to call The 3 P’s:

  • Picking the right music
  • Partnering with the best music provider
  • Protecting your business by ensuring your music is nice and legal

PICKING Music That Meets the Needs of Your Patients and Professionals

There are numerous benefits of playing music at a medical office or hospital. Great music provides comfort and relaxation for patients and visitors and improves morale for the doctors, nurses, and other key staff members.

As a medical professional, you can achieve all of these desired results through the selection of the appropriate styles of music. These are good choices in music styles for medical offices:

  • Classical music (encourages relaxation)
  • Jazz music (promotes relaxation and mental stimulation)
  • Oldies or nostalgic music (comforting for older patients)
  • Positive or upbeat Music (can enhance mood and morale)

Music can be good medicine, and finding the right music mix is the ideal prescription for your patients.

PARTNERING with the Right Music Provider to Meet Your Needs

A medical office or hospital is a hub of different activities. As such, when it comes to providing music to a medical facility, one size definitely does not fit all.

Music appropriate for the emergency waiting room may not be the best choice for recovery rooms, elevators, or cafeterias. What uplifts the mood at a vision care center isn’t necessarily going to fit in the hospital operating theater.

That’s why it’s so important to partner with a business music service that offers a wide selection of all types of music and a staff of experts who understand the unique features of your business.

At Cloud Cover Music, we work with medical institutions all over North America, helping them select the best music and giving them customized solutions that make it easy to manage their music in every corner of their facility.

Our best-in-breed streaming tech provides the powerful flexibility needed to ensure you have the ability to play different types of music in the various areas of the building or office.

PROTECTING Your Business with 100% Legal Music

If you play music in your office without proper permission, you expose your business to potentially serious fines. Performing rights organizations (PROs), like ASCAP, BMI & SESAC, make it their business to seek out and levy fines against noncompliant companies.

The good news is that working with a trusted music provider like Cloud Cover Music means you’ll never have to worry about repercussions from PROs. CCM handles all the legal permissions, so you can rest assured that every single note of music you play on site is fully compliant and properly licensed.

How Music Can Benefit Hospitals & Medical Offices

Administrators have tough jobs with everything from ordering to management on their to-do lists. Adding music can seem like a hassle, but the results can speak for themselves.

Here are some of the benefits of music in medical settings:

Reduces Staff Stress

Physician burnout rates hover at about 50 percent year over year. Working with patients every day is difficult, and many medical professionals break under the stress and strain.

The right playlist in relaxation spaces, like breakrooms and staff cafeterias, could help your staff forget their troubles for a bit, which could help them to stay on the job even longer.

Makes Wait Times Better

Researchers say patients wait anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes for their scheduled appointments to start, and 63 percent say the wait is the most stressful part of seeing a doctor.

The right music can't shorten wait times, but it can make lingering a little less unpleasant for your patients. Setting a soothing mood in the lobby could make for fewer doctor/patient arguments in exam rooms too.

Builds Your Brand

Many consumers don't have a choice in doctors, dentists, or hospitals. They go where their insurance companies tell them to go. But some savvy consumers shop for places in which they feel comfortable, and they're willing to share their experiences with others.

Craft the right playlist, and you could create an experience these customers appreciate. In time, you could recruit more people to join you.

Work With a Trusted Partner

Now that you know all about The Three P’s, you’re ready to select a music-provider partner that will help you provide the perfect music for the medical professionals and patients who spend the most time at your facility.


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