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Cloud Cover Music can reduce perceived wait times, maximize table turnover, and improve overall customer satisfaction.
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A happy employee listening to the best restaurant music serves quick service restaurant food to customers.

Music for Restaurants Can...

  • Brand your business nationally & regionally
  • Reduce perceived counter & car lane wait times
  • Influence the pace of table turns
  • Motivate & keep employees happy

Fully Licensed, Legal Music for Businesses

We are licensed with the PROs in US & Canada

You Give Us the Business Goal, We’ll Point You to the Right Music!

Cloud Cover Music offers an array of customized messaging and restaurant music solutions for all your QSR business needs.

Speed up the Checkout Process

Lines are inevitable. Unhappy customers are not. Overhead music has the power to shift customer attitudes, diminish perceived wait times, and even influence perceptions of food freshness.

Quick service restaurant customers wait in a line for food as restaurant music plays in the background.

Decrease Drive-Thru Times

Drive-thrus account for more than 50% of fast food sales — make sure your outdoor lane experience is on point. Handpick music stations to make wait times more enjoyable or create promotional messages to advertise new menu items, impulse purchases, and limited-time offers.

Restaurant music helps make the drive-thru lane move quicker and increase sales.

Maximize Table Turnover

Moving more customers in and out the door quickly is crucial — especially in fast-paced QSR environments. Our customizable music solutions can lead to faster table turnover and increased revenue.

In-store music causes customers to eat more quickly and helps turn the tables faster.

Boost Employee Morale

The happier your staff, the happier your customers. Liven up the break room and back-of-house. Empower employees by allowing them to suggest their favorite Cloud Cover Music stations.

A happy staff member in a quick service restaurant enjoys Cloud Cover Music, a business music solution.

Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Studies show that music can help improve mood and focus in the workplace. Whether your employees are prepping food or restocking the storage room, keep them continuously engaged with over 125 hand-crafted stations…Think productivity, workman’s comp, premiums, and food freshness!

The restaurant employee works more efficiently and productively as he listens to music for restaurants.
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The Powerful Marketing Tool Your Restaurant is Missing

Music is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for businesses. It builds brand identity. It sets you apart from the competition. It influences customer mood and behavior. And it’s also been proven to increase employee productivity. (That’s what we call a quadruple win.)

In the restaurant industry, studies show that the right in-store music experience can affect how much customers order, and how quickly.So why not use this to your advantage?

Whether you operate one location or dozens of quick-service restaurants, Cloud Cover Music can help you create the perfect branded soundtrack for your business. With our affordable monthly subscription, your QSR has access to over 125 fully-licensed music stations, free of explicit language and commercials. From tropical latin and smooth jazz to classic oldies and pop hits, we boast an eclectic selection of genres to meet your unique needs. Schedule music by time of day, remove unwanted songs, or utilize the promotional messaging feature to reinforce branding and increase add-on impulse purchases.

In the service industry, a superior customer service experience can only be provided by happy employees. And guess what? Music and happiness go hand-in-hand! If you want to keep morale high, our comprehensive collection of music for restaurants has a station to match every listener’s personal style.

If you’re ready to create an exceptional in-store experience that influences purchasing behavior, captures guest loyalty, and improves overall customer satisfaction, try Cloud Cover Music for free today!

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