Upgrading Your Music Across All Your Properties: Your Guide

You've made the commitment to changing the soundtrack for your business. Congratulations! What comes next?

If you're feeling baffled about how to put your decision to work, you're not alone. Plenty of small business owners just like you have struggled to understand what they should do in order to change the sounds their employees and customers hear.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process you should take to make your music shift a reality.

Step 1: Choose Your Music Vendor

The type of equipment you're likely to need depends heavily on the company you're using to supply the music you love. For example, the company you choose may stream music from the internet, which will require you to think about how you'll pull that music from the cloud into your business.

Some companies require you to invest in specific players that connect to the libraries they offer. Those players can be quite expensive, and if you cancel the contract, you may not be able to use that player for anything else.

Other companies (including ours) are designed to work with almost any kind of audio equipment you already have. You can invest in new equipment if you choose to do so, but if you’d like to save money and work with what you already have, we can make that option easy for you.

The company you choose should also offer you a dashboard, so you can track technical issues in all of your locations. If your connection goes down, or if your employees are playing music you don't approve of, you will need to take quick action. A dashboard can surface those issues for you.

Step 2: Assess What You Have

Music doesn't magically move from a player into the airwaves. It must be captured by a receiver and pushed through speakers. It might even need to be adjusted by an equalizer before it's ready to be heard.

Before you invest in new equipment, take a tour of your properties and take an inventory of your equipment. Do you have speakers capable of filling the space with sound?

If you're planning to use a streaming service (like ours), you will also need to determine what electronic device will stream your tunes. While it might seem convenient to use a phone, your stream will be interrupted each time you take a call. You might decide to devote part of an office computer to streaming, or you might have a dedicated tablet to use for the service. Or, as mentioned, you might need to buy a player from your vendor to make music happen.

Step 3: Assess Your Talents

Acoustics in some spaces can make for troublesome listening experiences. Small, tight spaces also come with challenges. If you're planning to install new equipment, you might need an outsider to confirm that you are following best practices. That professional can help you ensure that your music is neither too loud nor too soft, so it can be heard without disrupting your customers and employees.

Electricians can typically handle issues of installation and wiring, ensuring that the equipment you have purchased works within your space. But some local electricians have little to no background in acoustics, and they may not be able to help you make smart decisions about what to buy.

National installers, often affiliated with specific manufacturers, can help you both select the right equipment and put it to work properly. If you have a brand name you trust, working with that brand's trusted installation team can be a smart decision. Just make sure that company has a reputation for appearing onsite on time. A delay in installation could mean a delay in music.

We Make it Easy

At Cloud Cover Music, our plans work with almost every type of existing audio equipment. As part of our installation process, we will help you understand the kind of receiver you'll need, and we can test your connectivity too. That's data you can use to make smart shopping decisions.

If you decide to install new equipment, we can connect you with contractors that can do the work safely and effectively. And our dashboard helps you monitor the progress at all of your locations, so you can ensure that the music is always playing.

We're proud of the service we offer our customers, and we'd like you to experience it in person. Contact us at sales@cloudcovermusic.com. We can sign you up for a 14-Day trial, so you can experience the difference yourself. We hope to hear from you soon!

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