Surfside – Inside the Station

Finding the right surf spot is like finding the right music. Even though waves break everywhere along the coast and there’s a surplus of surf music out there, the exceptional ones are far and few between.

Fortunately, our Music Curation Team has compiled the most epic tracks for your customers and your employees’ listening pleasure.

Here’s a sneak peek of Surfside:

Surfin' USA album cover by The Beach Boys

Who: With over a third of this tropically influenced station being comprised of Jimmy Buffett tunes, Parrotheads and Keets will unquestionably appreciate this station. It also blends music for business from more modern artists like The Kooks, Weezer & Jack Johnson with the classic surf sounds of The Beach Boys. Some other notable bands include Bibio, Last Dinosaurs and The Astronauts.

What: As a predominantly instrumental music genre, Surfside features many electric guitar and saxophone themes – a technique pioneered by Dick Dale & The Del-Tones and heard in “Misirlou”. Often times these tracks will also feature strong vocal harmonies like in The Beach Boys’ “I Get Around”. And don’t worry – we didn’t forget to include Buffett’s "Margaritaville".

Where: This station would be perfect to stream in any coastal-themed restaurant or laid-back retail setting.

Banana Wind album cover by Jimmy Buffet

When: We recommend including this station in a current daytime mix station or dayparting preset.

Why: Background business music can really set the tone of your business and encourage customers and employees to engage in specific behaviors. In a study from the Journal of Retailing, researchers provided participants with a menu of 30 different dishes and placed them in separate rooms with music playing from one of three regions – the United States, China or India. Subjects who listened to American music, such as the Beach Boys’ “California Girls” & “Surfin’ U.S.A.” chose to order food like hamburgers and hot dogs - a clear demonstration that hearing a specific genre of music activates related concepts in memory, perception and consumer purchasing behavior.

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