How Cloud Cover Music Helps Real Estate Developers

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people touring a home with a real estate agent

In a real estate market as competitive and challenging as the one in which we currently find ourselves, any advantage a developer can gain is a valuable one.

At Cloud Cover Music, we help property developers better reach and convert potential buyers by matching their target demographic with ideal music selections that make people feel at home…and put them in a mood to buy.

Does Music Really Make a Difference?

Absolutely. Top academic studies in social behavior have repeatedly found that factors such as the style, tempo, volume, mode, degree of recognition and personal affinity for the music ALL play a role in customer buying behavior.

In sum, find the right mix, and unlock a higher conversion at your model homes and properties. At Cloud Cover Music, we match the music to your business goals to help you get there.

How Does Cloud Cover Music Help Realtors and Developers Increase Sales?

After working with hundreds of realtors and property developers around the country, the professionals at Cloud Cover Music have become experts in curating the perfect selections for our trusted clients in the real estate business.

Our process boils down to three key components:

First, we work closely with our clients to understand the key demographics that make up their pool of potential buyers. Once we have that information, our music curators are able to create an atmosphere that is “in tune” with the people looking to buy our clients’ properties.

Second, we turn our attention to the property itself by selecting music that reinforces the perception of the property’s value and style. For example, selecting jazz or classical music to reinforce the value, relaxation or sophistication.

Finally, we recommend music that increases the positive emotions of the potential buyer, providing song mixes that are happy and meaningfully familiar to the target demographic.

Taken together, it’s a customized approach that ensures no two plans are alike and that every one of our developer/realtor clients is receiving a music program that speaks to their unique business goals.

Property developers, we understand the unique elements of your business. From knowing how to reach the wide variety of prospects who visit your model homes, to knowing that you can’t afford to have more cords and cables running through your locations, we have taken years learning how to best serve developers just like you – helping to build your business and grow sales in any economic climate.