My Flooring Texas

Vertical Market:
Retail – Flooring Store
Wholesale – Flooring – Kitchen & Bath Design

10 – Texas, U.S.

About the Client

My Flooring Texas, the parent company of My Flooring America and ProSource Wholesale, is the ultimate source for flooring in the greater Houston and Dallas markets. The company’s roots trace back to 1972 when Buddy and Wanda Steel opened their first flooring business. Second generation owners Scott Steel and Kelby Frederick continued focusing on providing outstanding customer service, lifetime installation warranties, and a guaranteed low price. They now offer a vast range of options, from solid-color carpets to detailed tile designs, and their installers are truly invested in fashioning a unique, high-quality floor for every client’s home.

The Challenge

Before discovering Cloud Cover Music, My Flooring Texas was using a mix of music providers and a few showrooms were even playing radio station music. As the company continued to expand all across Texas, they were finding that this mix was difficult to manage and becoming ever more costly to maintain. Aesthetically, all of the My Flooring America & ProSource Wholesale Flooring locations represented the company’s vision, but they needed the music to match. My Flooring Texas decided it was time to partner with a music streaming provider that could help them streamline their customers’ overall experience – one that was ad-free, centrally managed & cost-effective.

The Solution

My Flooring Texas utilized Cloud Cover’s Mix Station feature to the fullest by creating a unique and personalized mix, perfect for their brand’s friendly, professional and distinctive atmosphere. They fused together Country Traditional, Christian Pop, Best of the 50’s & 60’s, Family Friendly, Rock Classic and several others stations to construct a one-of-a-kind listening experience. They also installed dedicated Cloud Boxes in each showroom to ensure a steady and reliable stream.

The Results

“Cloud Cover Music has done an amazing job at providing affordable in-store music for all of our showrooms. Their system is very user friendly and reliable. Setup was also a snap. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a streamlined and cost effective music service.”

– Joey Lewallen, I.T. Manager, My Flooring Texas